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You Deserve a Fantastic Romantic Relationship

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

In the last few days, I've had three clients who came to me with relationship issues as their number one concern. Two of them came from the Saturday talk in Tempe, Arizona, and the other was a new contact on Facebook.

The in-person session on Sunday, we'll call her Loraine, was immensely powerful. She was the type to wear her emotions on her sleeve, and I really loved seeing her express herself throughout the session. She came to see me shortly after she divorced her fourth husband, and she admitted that she finally understood what she had been doing wrong all of this time!

She'd been changing herself to satisfy her partner, and when she couldn't find any satisfaction from being that fake version of herself, she would end it. She admitted that she had divorced them all when she couldn't do it anymore. This all stems from a childhood experience. When she was quite young, her mother openly defied her father, and Loraine clearly remembered her father leaving the household for three days, in what seemed like an eternity. This caused her to believe that in order to keep your husband, you had to conform to what he wanted you to be.

There was much to unwrap here, but for our first session, we focused the activations to help her realize that she is a wonderful woman and doesn't need to change a thing!

Statement activations like:

* I am perfect exactly as I am

* I deserve a fantastic romantic relationship

* I love myself Unconditionally

The power of these beliefs can rocket you into the stratosphere. They raise your self esteem. They raise your confidence. They raise your vibration.

When your subconscious mind and your heart truly believe these statements, your world changes instantly.

So often our conscious mind understands the statement, "I am perfect exactly as I am," but the subconscious mind doesn't actually believe it. And I had spent many hours throughout my younger life trying to help people who came to me with issues similar to Loraine's, but I could do very little to help them. Why? Because I was merely trying to convince their left hemisphere (the logical part of the brain) that they needed to think differently. That does almost nothing at all! Knowing how you should feel and actually feeling it are two entirely different things.

But now, with the power of the Hathors and my extra-dimensional support team, I can actually have an effect on the subconscious mind and the heart center, so results are a thousand times better! And I have to admit, the feeling of being able to help people in this way is absolutely incredible. I have so much gratitude for all that has happened throughout my life.

A few days later, she sent me an email, expressing her early results.

"It was my joy to be with you and experience your gifts! I must say, the sun is brighter, the sky bluer, the music more intense and emotional, my smile has gotten bigger, and I love myself unconditionally!!"

This effect is common after powerful energy work. She has yet to fully integrate all of the energy she received, and it's likely she'll go through some darker hours as she normalizes, but this is highly encouraging! It means she was ready and will likely have some fantastic long-term results!

Meanwhile, my Facebook friend, we'll call her Elizabeth, had just entered a committed relationship a few days prior to our session. And she admitted that she had been struggling with her relationships up to that point. So we did the same activation, "I deserve a fantastic romantic relationship," among others.

The next day she told me that she had to break up with her brand new boyfriend. She suddenly saw all of the problems. She knew she'd gotten into it for all the wrong reasons. Things she didn't want to see the day before were now so obvious! This wasn't a fantastic romantic relationship. Not even close! But because her subconscious mind didn't believe she deserved a fantastic one, she said, "good enough" and committed herself to something that wasn't.

As each day has passed, and her energetic assimilation continues, she has been recalling all of her past relationships and all of the reasons why they hadn't worked! Dormant memories flooded back, "Like remember when he ghosted you and led you on for two full years? Oh, and the guy who just wanted to use you to get a green card! And really, almost every relationship you ever had, they never had a genuine motive. The manipulation, predatory behavior, and abuse added up over time."

It's easy during realizations like this to blame the opposite sex in general, experience intense anger, blame yourself, and/or wonder why could a relationship that's real be so hard to find?

I'll tell you why.

Like attracts like. When you don't have confidence in yourself, or your vibration is low, or you don't believe you deserve a fantastic romantic relationship you attract others who match your frequency. All of these men in Elizabeth's life were suffering. That's why they acted in this way. They were suffering so badly they were just clawing at anything to try to make themselves feel better. They were experiencing fear, feelings of inadequacy, doubt, childhood traumas, bi-polarity, and any number of low-vibrational, low self-esteem and narcissistic habits and behaviors. Most of them probably had negative entity attachments that drove them deeper into their low-vibrational states!

How do we handle this?

We forgive them -- from a distance. We love them unconditionally -- from a distance. We forgive ourselves! We do our best to understand why we allowed ourselves to experience these relationships. Because we didn't know better. Because it was in our soul contract. Because we wanted something that we thought they could provide us. But most of all, for the lessons!

Those lessons taught us so much! What to look for and what to avoid. How to appreciate a great relationship when we find one, how being ourselves is the most important part of having a successful relationship, and so much more!

And now, by stepping into a brand new paradigm; one where we love ourselves unconditionally, have a higher vibration, and we know deep down that we deserve a fantastic romantic relationship, we can finally experience what we've always wanted! Something real! Something rewarding! Something beautiful!

Something fantastic.

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