Live Remote One-on-One Session

In this private session, Xane will work with you, your guides, the Hathors, and other masters to activate the best aspects of your past emotional, mental, and energetic incarnations to help you overcome obstacles, remove blockages, and bring you into alignment with your life's purpose. 


You will be directly receiving energy and sound frequencies during this interaction with Xane and higher dimensional beings to awaken your soul's essence, During the session, your guides are activating aspects of your personality that may have laid dormant for many incarnations, crystallizing your DNA, eliminating false beliefs and blockages, reigniting the divine feminine frequency, and opening new ways to experience your life and the world around you.

Participants often experience intense emotional states during these sessions and walk away with renewed energy while also feeling peaceful and relaxed. Results are specific to the needs of the individual. Xane is able to target distinct blockages that cause looped patterns of undesired behaviors such as self-doubt, lack of abundance, self-blame, fear, dis-ease, and other common obstacles. Using similar techniques, he can reveal or expand your spiritual gifts, power, and divinity. In all cases, the goal will be to support you in confidently following your life's purpose. 

30 Minute Remote Session - $200

During this 30-minute session, Xane will work with your most relevant energy centers (chakras or meridians) to activate your soul's essence. Alternatively, Xane can specifically target two or three major blockages that are restricting your growth and happiness, such as becoming aligned with the energy of money, loving yourself unconditionally, feeling worthy of a healthy romantic relationship,  or many other possibilities.

60 Minute Remote Session - $300

During this 60-minute session, Xane will be able to go much deeper and make abundant activations that will help you on your path. For example, Xane would have the time to activate the chakras above the crown to open up more potential in your field and your connection to your divine gifts. Please understand that each session is unique to the individual and will be guided by your unique essence and situation.

60 Min with Crystal Activation - $350

During this session, Xane will activate up to 5 crystals in addition to the standard 60-minute session (see left). Crystals undergo an energetic shift that brings their consciousness and their purpose more in line with yours, and they can exhibit physical changes (additional clouds, strata, hue shifts, etc...) You only need to show Xane the crystals over the video chat for him to activate each one.


Testimonial Jennifer Buianowski

I have been suffering from Complex PTSD for over 24 years -- since I was six. This caused an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, night terrors, codependency, kleptomania, guilt and shame complexes and self-harming tendencies. Unfortunately, therapy, self care, self-awareness, meditation, and medication has had nominal effects. 

Xane’s healing was profound and multi-layered. He started by convincing my subconscious mind that I could love myself unconditionally and he spent time removing the heavy weight of PTSD which had manifested as a pain in my solar plexus. Through multiple activations, I felt that pain make its way upward and finally outward when I physically purged the burden that I’d carried with me all of those years. I had no idea that was possible! 

Xane's activations made all those painful emotions really FEEL like the passing clouds they actually were. Since then, I have been leading a happier, healthier, more naturally grounded and fulfilling life. The version of myself that I needed to protect and hide away under the layers of fear -- my true self -- had been frozen for years and his healing gave me the permission to finally thaw. 

Xane is a wonderful being. His value exists in who he is, not just what he does -- though what he does is remarkable.

Testimonial Georgianne McConnell

My session with Xane was an exceptional and life-changing experience! His calm, caring and magical demeanor released many walls I had built around my heart. 


Immediately after our time I felt more alive, more free, more vibrant, more in-tune to my soul and ultimately, on the path to who I was truly meant to be! I had so many thoughts, ideas, realizations, and such gratitude and love flowing through me.  The next morning I woke up in an immeasurable state of bliss! My body felt lighter, like I was floating - and the world was much brighter - the sun, the sky, the trees all seemed to explode in brilliant colors. Over the next few days my mind traveled back and forth from the way things used to be to now, the new paradigm of my life, with unlimited potential appearing before me.


Xane awakened in me the unconditional love for myself that I thought I had, but really didn't (my subconscious thought "yeah, right..." when I would ask myself). His insight into my abandonment issues, which manifested clearly in my relationships (especially with men) and subsequently his gift for releasing those shackles forever, and most importantly getting to the essence of my soul was mind-blowing!!  


My life has been forever changed, thank you Xane!  Since our connection I have realized an even greater expansion of thought, love, belief, and certainty that I am heading down the right path of my soul's journey. Looking forward to our next session Xane - I am blessed to have found you!!!


Testimonial Kennedy Coleman

I was excited and nervous to work with Xane. I didn’t know what to expect or how things would go, but once we started talking and touched on certain burdens that I had never discussed with anyone before, he knew exactly the right approach to release them. From my guilt with my ex-partners, my anguish over previous friendships gone awry, not forgiving myself for allowing others to walk all over me – as long as I’ve been alive – to deep family issues, all of it… released! Rivatalized. Wiped clean. A fresh new start!

It feels like my inner child is doing 50,000 flips and break dancing with my higher self, guides and angels, heart and mind! I feel like a new man, fearless, and confident beyond words. After he concluded the session, I couldn’t do anything but sit there, speechless, looking at myself as if I’ve transformed into an even higher version of myself. I was so happy, I couldn’t express it – and I’m a man of words! I can feel that this ascended being (Xane) has unlocked the crucial part of my mind and energy. Now nothing is stopping me.

Xane is an extraordinary man and even more so a universal infinite being. He works wonders and miracles only dreamt of – but only if you are open to allowing him to.


Flow State engaged!