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Xane Daniel is a Hathor Energy Healer, accomplished publisher and captivating speaker. He teaches people how to remove negative entities, possessions, implants, curses, and chords by raising their vibrational frequency, re-tuning the subconscious mind, overcoming childhood traumas and blockages, and helping them step into their own power. His graphic novel series, RIGHTEOUS, and his unique modality, Soul Essence Activation, are both powerful catalysts for enlightenment for readers and clients alike. 


After an Ayahuasca experience in 2013 shifted his focus from video game production to spirituality, Xane discovered his connection to numerous extra-dimensional collectives, spirits, and other entities, including the Hathors, the Ancients, the spirit of Ayahuasca, the Arcturians, and the Andromedans. 


Using his Soul Essence Activation process for audiences and individuals, Xane incorporates intention and sound harmonics to bring the soul's essence to the surface. His unique modality clears mental and emotional blocks, crystallizes DNA, and raises the vibrational frequency of participants. 


In collaboration with his extra-dimensional support team, Xane activates crystals, imbues water with awakening properties, removes lower vibrational attachments, eliminates negative soul fragments, aligns people with abundance and prosperity, reveals and enhances spiritual gifts, and directly modifies timelines. Xane’s powerful activations coupled with his unique understanding of unconditional love and the nature of this reality allows him to guide clients to a place of inner peace and ascension.

Xane is the Founder and Director of the Higher Self Expo, the Writer and Publisher for RIGHTEOUS, the Content Director for Cosmic TV, and he teaches people how to remove their Negative Entities in DETACHED.

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Testimonial Elisa Bell

I went into my session with Xane feeling aggravated and hopeless after a month of emotional pain. He performed a guided meditation and two activations to remove the negative signature from the emotional anguish I was experiencing, as well as remove the physical pain from my emotional strife. I could immediately feel energy swirling in my heart centre -- something I hadn’t felt in over a month. The energy then descended to the base of my spine, and up to my throat and third eye chakras.


After my session I felt cleaner, lighter and like my field had a cool breeze flowing through it. He helped me jump out of a narrow emotional frequency pattern and into a broader perspective where I learned that a particular tool that I was using (that is quite helpful when used appropriately) was actually causing more pain and resistance in me. I am genuinely able to feel joy and light now for the first time in over a month. My vision has unclouded and I feel strong.


Thank you Xane for your powerful and beautiful gifts and for how gentle and caring you are when I am in a vulnerable state. I appreciate your sessions and I look forward to having more. 

Testimonial Ashley Dufresne

It has been such a pleasure working with Xane. His personality and energy is inviting, genuine, and is one that fosters trust and connection.

I am an experienced energy practitioner and intuitive channel, so I was delighted to find that working with Xane helped me with my practice. His gifts are profound in his ability to clear unwanted energy as well as transfer high-vibrational energy. His process feels both Earthly and multidimensional; a unique blend that made me feel a deeper connection with Mother Gaia as well as the galactic realm. I also felt a powerful, high-frequency resonance shift with each chakra.

I had an especially profound experience when Xane worked on the chakras above my crown; the frequency he transferred to these centers brought new insight and changed my perspective on how I experience the universe; I felt as if my perspective had shifted to a higher dimension.

I am so grateful for the sessions I've had with Xane. I feel a permanent expansion of energy, connection to the Earth, and to my higher self.

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