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Go from Burdened and Harrassed to


You have been dealing with entities for too long.

It's time to stop settling for temporary solutions,

Because you need to be free. Why?

Because the world needs your light!

Permanently Remove Negative Entity Attachments in 7 Weeks

DETACHED is a one of a kind, transformational program designed to change your life by making you attachment-free and teaching you how to stay that way. We do it by overflowing your light body with high-vibrational energy, by changing your timeline, by reprogramming your crystal helpers, by raising your vibration, and by changing the monkey brain to move into a place of release, unconditional love, and true freedom.

Does this Sound Familiar?

You are a powerful being of light, but it doesn’t feel like it when you are tortured and tormented by uninvited spirit entities. They come in so many forms, and no matter how hard you’ve tried and how many healers have performed removals and extractions, those entities still come back to harass you.

  • You are wakened in the night by negative voices or disturbing images

  • You experience physical pain for no apparent reason – or as a direct result of their torment

  • Voices fill your head with negative or unkind thoughts

  • You suddenly feel sick even though you are otherwise perfectly healthy

  • You experience disturbing violations that assault you physically or sexually

  • You find yourself in a bad mood with no obvious cause

  • You find entities in your home or your personal possessions

How Does this Sound Instead?

You're finally free! You can do anything you want with no interruption from uninvited spiritual guests

  Manifest this with me:

  • You sleep soundly, peacefully, and dream beautifully!

  • You are pain-free, able to do things you never thought you’d be able to again.

  • The negative voices are silent. You can meditate and relax without torment!

  • You feel energized, happy, and ready to take on any new day.

  • Your home is clear of unwanted invaders.

  • True peace!

Why Do I Still Have Them?

Most lightworkers can effortlessly remove negative entity attachments, but those attachments will return if your vibration is low, your mindset isn’t quite right, or you are energetically imbalanced.

With the right techniques, you can change your timeline, change your mindset, raise your vibration, and change your energy signature to keep wayward spirit entities away for good!

Testimonial Bernice Arsenault

Testimonial Circle - Bernice.png

Before I met Xane, my life was full of torment.  There was no peace of mind, no physical, mental or emotional freedom.  These entities were controlling me in all areas, which made it very hard to function on a daily basis. There were many days I wanted to put my head through a window or wall just to get relief.


That all changed one day when I wrote a personal message to Xane and he said, “it’s not them, it’s you!”  At first, I thought he had gone mad telling me this, but when I listened to his reasoning it all made sense. 


I joined his class because I knew from that one phrase, he was gonna help me! By the end of the second class, I had a good grip on things and the entities were lessened.  By the end of 6 weeks they were completely gone.  His activations are always close by for those days that you may have been around someone’s negative energy that brought you down or other issues that may lower your light but other then that I haven’t felt this good and free, clear-minded and physically well in 8 years!


I feel so very Blessed to have met Xane!  His activations are incredible, his course will help you in many areas of your life, his generous offers of all activations and future classes being free is a deal not too pass on.  Xane is like a friend you can immediately connect with. Don’t choose to live another day in darkness and negative thoughts… get yourself onboard and climb that ladder to unconditional love… thank you x 1000 Xane!!


It is with great gratitude that, after going through Xane's course and doing the activations, that I can confidently say he helped me clear my pesky entities that were disrupting my life for at least four years. It felt like they were pushing on the back of my head, causing pain and disrupting my sleep every single night. It’s amazing how much happier I am when I can actually sleep well!


The best part is, he taught me how to keep them away, so I don’t have to rely on healings and assistance anymore. If there's anyone else dealing with my same issues of entities, I highly recommend working with Xane!

Testimonial Alice Burbine

Testimonial Circle - Alice.png

Does this Sound like You?

"But my vibration is already high!"

"I've done the work!"

"I haven't done anything wrong!"

"Why won't they just go away?"

"Why are they attached to ME?!?"

"Whatever you are going to do, it won't work."

Take a moment and ask yourself, WHO IS SAYING THIS?

Is it you -- or is it your negative entity attachments? Is it your frustration? Your impatience? Your anger? Your disappointment?


When low vibrational emotions dominate your life,

attachments can latch on with ease!

You're right. This Approach won't help everyone

Do not sign up for this class if you are already sure that it won't help. I'm not here to convince you. I'm here to help those who are ready. If you aren't ready, then you are on your own journey, and I deeply respect that.


If you check deep down, and you have an inner knowing that DETACHED is going to help you, that means you are READY, 

and you can move forward with confidence. My guides are powerful -- and so are yours. We will be an unstoppable team, and we won't rest until you are free from the burden of Negative Entity Attachments.

And if you've decided to sign up, Congratulations!
I can't wait to join forces with you.

Testimonial Annelie Gallea

Xane is a perceptive, high-level, authentic transpersonal facilitator, teacher, wisdom keeper, and communicator. He mixes various modalities with years of experience to guide (and challenge) us to release our limitations -- and to reach our highest potential in a unique, accessible and interesting way. We had fun and were amazed.


Xane’s activations ~ wow!


We gained new knowledge and remembrance to access the core of what really matters. Quickly, in a lucid, heart-centered way with immediate tangible results.

Xane, yours are some of the best classes I've taken! And that's saying a lot ~ I've been on a journey of self-discovery and service for decades, with exceptional teachers. 

And our group is really high-level too. It's an honor to be here.

Funny thing: I didn't really know a lot about Xane ~ I read his blog, watched some vids ~ but I knew I needed to be here. And this has far surpassed any expectations I may have had.


Testimonial Circle - Annelie-Evans.png

Are There Side Effects to the class?

Yes! You will be more at peace, you'll find yourself unflappable even in difficult situations, your worries and fears will be largely gone, and you will no longer suffer. You will default to happiness!

  • Your vibration will raise

  • You will attract higher vibrational people into your life

  • You will naturally avoid lower vibrational experiences and information

  • You'll be less likely to drop into negative emotional experiences like boredom, fear, anger, irritation, disappointment, jealousy, yearning, sadness, depression, hopelessness, and shame.

  • You will experience higher highs

  • You will be more self confident

  • You will enter into a state of acceptance and appreciation

  • You will be more peaceful, joyful, and euphoric

  • Your life will be more abundant and satisfying

  • You will attract more encounters, emotions, and experiences of sheer bliss into your life

  • Your spiritual gifts and extra senses will naturally open

  • You will have a closer connection to your higher self, your spirit guides and angels

  • Your body will respond to this with increased blood flow and deeper breathing

  • You will have less stress

  • The highest vibrational frequency, Unconditional Love, will be more easily within reach

  • You will be able to manifest what you prefer and avoid what you do not

  • True enlightenment, samadhi and paramananda will be closer than they have ever been

DETACHED Program Info

  • Seven 2-hour Class Sessions filled with lessons to help you remove your entity attachments yourself, permanently, by helping you realize your divinity, overcoming suffering of all kinds, conquering desire and moving into a state of acceptance, discovering your own perfection, learning how to discover and follow your life’s purpose, loving yourself unconditionally, overcoming depression symptoms, learning how to listen to the master within, and more.

  • Classes also contain hours of activations given in an order and spacing that allows time for energetic integration and a stacking or building of a new paradigm of feeling and thinking. Activations like the Soul Essence Activation for the Meridians, the Chakras, the Dan’Tiens, and the chakras above the crown. Trauma Release and Emotional burden release activations, Raise your Vibration Activations, Connecting with Source, Transforming Low-Vibrational emotions with higher ones, Loving Yourself Unconditionally, Feeling worthy of a Fantastic Romantic Relationship, Confidence Boost activations, and on and on...

  • Seven 90-minute one-on-one sessions to resolve your own specific traumas and issues. Targeted, powerful energy healing to release stored emotions, repair your energy field, and make sure you are using all of the tools and techniques properly.

  • Every MP3 Activation that I sell in my store as free tools to assist with any extreme emotional experiences life brings you -- a serious breakup, a particularly nerve-racking event, etc... 

  • A lifetime Subscription to every MP3 Activation that I ever create - You will join an exclusive club of subscribers who will receive any future activations that I produce for life -- for free!

  • A support group for life. You will become a part of a private Facebook community with unlimited access to ask me any questions about the course material or situations happening in your life. You'll also get to work with your classmates and future classmates in a positive and loving support community.

  • 30% off All Sessions with Xane. Any time you'd like any private session with me, you will receive 30% off -- for life.

  • Access to Future Class Materials - As I continue to refine this class over time, lessons will be updated and available to be viewed online for all past and present students.


ENROLLMENT is OPEN for the One=on=One Mentorship Program

You will receive unlimited clearings during the seven weeks, plus recordings of all sessions for lifetime access. The program contains 14 hours of pre-recorded material and energy healing, plus they include seven 90-minute sessions of individual one-on-one time (providing energy healing per each week, which includes diving into your past traumas, personal blockages, and all of the clearings you require.) You will be invited to a community to share your homework and progress, plus you will receive ALL of my Emotion Relief premium activations for free! 


The personal portions are conducted as your schedule permits for 90 minutes per week. 

If you consider the number of hours, activations, private session time, the premium downloads, and the benefits you will receive from the lifetime support group, this program is powerful, insightful, life-changing, and most importantly, SUCCESSFUL!

Set up a free call to discuss the options with Xane

(This call is important to make sure you would be a good candidate for Xane's program and the personal healing he provides.)

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