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What COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory do you Subscribe to?

There are so many to choose from, and thanks to 9/11, we have a leg to stand on when we subscribe to them. Of all the conspiracy theories we’ve heard, the attack on the twin towers is probably the most obvious. There are just too many facts (like the collapse of a 3rd building that was not even touched by a plane or fire, for instance) that prove the official story simply can’t be true.

Where does that bring us in today’s modern Covid-19 situation? ALL THE HECK OVER THE PLACE.

Here’s just a few of the most popular:

1. Covid-19 is not any worse than the flu / it doesn’t actually exist

2. COVID infections and death rates are inflated to keep people in their homes

3. It’s caused by 5G (David Icke’s theory)

4. Bill Gates manufactured it in a plot to force vaccinations and microchips

5. The Chinese government manufactured it as a biological weapon

6. The U.S. Government manufactured it and brought it to Wuhan during the Military Games event in October.

7. Aliens are involved in our government at the highest levels and are calling the shots

8. COVID-19 is a plot by big Pharma to sell more medicine

9. COVID-19 is a world-wide plot to control the population

10. COVID-19 has been around for longer than the official story

Before we dive into these and see if we can get some answers from the Hathors, there’s a few things that need to be understood right from the start.


What? Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout, Xane?? Of course it does! We don’t want to be manipulated like sheep!

Enlightenment is Loving ALL Unconditionally.

Let me say that again. ENLIGHTENMENT IS LOVING ALL UNCONDITIONALLY. Help me out here. Say it out loud. FEEL it in your being.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Do you want to be enlightened? Do you want to transcend to another level of consciousness?

I do. And so I spend as much time as I can loving all unconditionally.

The more reason we have to NOT love others, the harder it is to reach this pinnacle – true Enlightenment. So the deeper we dive into this, and the more blame, fear, anger, and need for revenge that we create, the lower our vibrational state becomes – and the further we get from true enlightenment.

If it’s some evil plot by Group X or Person Y – who cares? They are playing their part in creating an ascension event. And COVID-19 is an ascension event! It’s not just some random thing happening right now. It’s huge. And our limited 3D minds can’t possibly understand how it’s all going to play out. Is Bill Gates or the U.S. Government, or the Dark State, or the Koch Brothers more powerful than the Universe? Haha. No. They are all just pawns. So I LOVE THEM for their role in it. Whatever that role is.

Whatever they’re all up to, it’s going EXACTLY according to plan. And I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

COVID-19 is no worse than the flu and death rates are being inflated to keep people in their homes

Hathors: COVID-19 is worse than the flu. It’s more contagious. It’s more deadly. The death rates are being inflated, but not for an evil plot.

Xane: I recently read that doctors are intentionally claiming deaths are being caused by COVID-19 (even when they aren't) because the insurance and finance systems were set up to get them paid with no questions asked so the burdens don't land on surviving family members. In our efforts to make it easy on the families of COVID victims, we’ve inadvertently incentivized doctors to claim more COVID deaths than are actually occurring. As I continue to ask the Hathors if there are any plots at any level related to this, I continue to get no’s.

It’s caused by 5G.

Hathors: No it isn’t. COVID-19 and 5G are completely unrelated. 5G is not harmful to most humans at the planned levels of exposure. Unfortunately, some people who have increased sensitivity to that type of radiation will suffer symptoms. If the number of 5G towers increases dramatically from the current plan, then harm could befall humanity. Raising your vibration will ward off the negative effects of 5G.

Bill Gates manufactured COVID-19 in a plot to force vaccinations and microchips

Hathors: Bill Gates did not manufacture COVID-19, but he does have a plan to get humanity microchipped. They are unrelated. Bill doesn’t believe this is a plot to control the population. He believes it will be convenient and help with (the arguably flawed) system of capitalism on Earth.

The Chinese Government manufactured COVID-19 as a biological weapon

Hathors: No. COVID-19 was not manufactured by humanity.

The U.S. Government manufactured it and brought it to Wuhan during the Military Games event in October

Hathors: COVID-19 was not manufactured by humanity. However, it was spread during that event in Wuhan, China. It was brought there from Europe and the United States.

Aliens are involved in our government at the highest levels and calling the shots.

Hathors: No. There are no “evil” aliens that could have access to Earth.

It’s a plot by big Pharma to sell more medicine

Hathors: Big Pharma is looking to take advantage of the situation to make more money, but not in any particularly devilish way. It’s capitalism at work.

It’s a world-wide plot to control the population

Hathors: No. It doesn't help world leaders because the capitalist system has been crippled, and humanity currently operates with this system.

I was actually quite convinced that at least one of these nefarious plots was going to be true, but none really were, according to the Hathors. They also tell me that COVID-19 was active as early as August of 2019, and when I try to nail down an exact birthplace, I don’t get a straight answer. They say it’s from both Europe and the United States, which defies what I understand about viruses, but I’m definitely not an expert. They also say it didn't originate in China.

A friend of mine believes he had it in November of 2019 (he travels all over the US every week), and by the description of his symptoms, it seems right on. (The Hathors agree.) The Hathors also say that I have already had it as well, in February while I was in Los Angeles. My symptoms were so light, I could barely tell I had anything.

In the end, whether the Hathors are right about all of this or not doesn’t really matter. If you put all of your effort and emphasis on loving all unconditionally, then you will follow the path to a perfect life – a perfect journey. One filled with joy, peace, and happiness.

So relax and love. No reason to get all worked up.

(If anyone is aware of any other theories that I didn't list here, please contact me and I'll check it out for you. This isn't my interest area, so it's likely there are more that I didn't find when I did my research.)

I love YOU unconditionally, even if you aren't up to some devilish plot. ;)

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