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Working Hard and Loving Every Minute of It

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

My roving blog has come to a stand-still for the last few months, and that's because I have, too. Instead of traveling around the country, speaking at expos, conferences, and festivals, I've been holed up in people's houses, enjoying their hospitality and the break from chores like emptying the composting toilet and greywater tank, filling up water tanks, and finding places to park for the night.

It wasn't my plan in October of 2019 to spend 6-10 months of 2020 living in other people's houses. But I sold my house in Chicago with the express intent of living on the road. Luckily, I have incredibly warm and hospitable friends who are very willing to put me up. I spent 3 months in Phoenix from March-June, and now I'm back in Chicago from July until who-knows-when?

Since I haven't been traveling around and adding to my BLOG, I thought it would be nice to give folks an update on what I have been doing with my time. And it's a LOT!

I have FOUR major projects that take up the majority of my time, and I love every one of them.

  1. My YOUTUBE Channel - While technically I started my YouTube channel in early 2019, I didn't give it my attention until March of this year. The lockdown gave me an opportunity to focus on it, and I've been pleased with the results. At the time of this writing, I've created 20 new videos and watched my channel grow from 144 subscribers to today's number, which stands at 864! Not bad. I've had a blast as well, creating videos and giving activations that help people overcome lower vibrational emotions, remove negative entity attachments, get in touch with their higher self, activate their crystals, and probably more that I'm not thinking of. Subscribe here.

  2. The Higher Self Expo - Equally as much work, and just as much satisfaction has been preparing for the second Higher Self Expo! I've been meeting some incredible lightworkers who can help bring our audience to the 5th Dimension -- which is the theme of this one. I also had the idea to bring some "disguised" lightworkers -- those who do not heal others or even consider themselves powerful spirits -- but those who are actively working to make the 5D society a reality. This combination is what is going to truly set this conference apart from others! Register for the expo here.

  3. My Classes - With the explosion of interest in removing Negative Entity Attachments (thanks to the popularity of my videos on the topic) I've had a number of people coming to me who are really suffering from those entities. After successfully helping some people overcome their entities during my Defaulting to Happy class, I decided to adapt it and tailor it to those who are suffering from entities. I have named it DETACHED, and my first workshop sessions will begin on Tuesday, August 4. (Even if you don't have entities, this class is still great because it's just an expanded version of my Defaulting to Happy class -- with one extra session and more activations!)

  4. RIGHTEOUS - I'm gearing up for my third Kickstarter to help publish Volume 3 of the epic AWAKENING story in the form of a comic book series. Joseba has finished illustrating Chapter 16, and we're almost done coloring and lettering 15. That means Volume 3 is just about ready to go! I'm excited to bring it to everyone. The story really heats up in this volume. Get a free copy here.

That's a very quick version of what I've been up to. But before I sign off, I'd like to tell a short story about the Higher Self Expo and my personal growth.

When I originally created the expo, we were in the midst of the first lockdown, and I realized that the only way I could resume my quest of appearing in front of people and giving group healings was to create my OWN conference. So I got in touch with two lightworker friends of mine and asked them if they'd like to help me create an online expo. Without hesitation, they both said yes, and we added another helper.

For those who don't know, I was a producer in the video game industry for 22 years. I was used to telling people what to do -- people like programmers (who made lots more money than I did), artists, designers, audio engineers, etc... I think you see where this is going. I'm easy to work with if I don't have a vision. But if I have a vision, look out. I want it my way and only my way. I had been taking online classes on how to self-promote -- because in order to help the world (and earn an income) I needed to do that. I wasn't keen on it at first, but the classes really helped. And so I became a miniature expert in the areas I had been studying.

So what did all this do? Well, it created some tension between myself and my amazing lightworker friends. I felt bad. They are talented and wonderful people who deserve a great deal of respect and love. Because we were racing against the clock (We had 5 weeks to create the expo from nothing) I went back into "work mode." I wasn't always friendly when I asked them to do things. I just fired off directives with very little softness. I could have been better.

In the end, I would say we were successful. My cohorts found the majority of the speakers while I created the website, Facebook page, mailing list, and did the majority of the promo work. They were instrumental in that first expo! I would not have had time to find the amazing speakers we featured. No way.

To my surprise, about a week after that expo was complete, all three of them resigned on the same day. I was reeling! We'd already picked the date for the next event, and I was super concerned that I wouldn't be able to find the speakers I really wanted. I also felt terrible that I had ultimately treated them so poorly that they felt their only recourse was to leave me. I know there were many "mistakes" I had made that caused them to want to leave. And it's so the OPPOSITE of what I stand for. I love everyone unconditionally, and I value communication over all, but I still wasn't loving enough or communicative enough to cause them to want to stay.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because what I did next was exactly what I teach others to do... And hey! What do you know? It worked!

While I was reeling -- feeling bad -- feeling like I'd let people down -- I decided to start looking at it with higher vibrational emotions. For that, we have to get out the Emotional Frequency Chart and start walking up the steps!

So first I looked at the disappointment of having hurt people I cared about and I ACCEPTED it. That it would be better for THEM and they were making the decision for their best interests! So I could be happy for them. A WILLINGNESS to understand their decision and to have POSITIVE BELIEF that things will work out better for all of us. (The All-Caps boldface words correspond with the chart, btw.) So then I decided that I would be happier too. Instead of feeling frozen over the fact that I'd lost that help that I'd come to rely on, I knew that these things happen for a reason, so I could be OPTIMISTIC that things would turn out for the best -- the best for the Expo -- the best for them -- and the best for me. This didn't completely alleviate my disappointment, but I was beginning to feel better.

I then asked myself, "How could I feel EXCITED about the expo again?" Because the feeling of disappointment over hurting them caused me to feel dread when I thought of it. Well, I could feel excited if I could add new helpers that would be an even better fit (or just as good at least) for me and the expo itself! OK! I'm EXCITED to find a new partner (or partners). And then I said, "OK, were they holding you back in any way? Could you feel more PASSION for the project now that you are free to do it any way you want to?"

They weren't holding me back at all... However, I was holding myself back because I was trying to please them sometimes. I was asking them to approve my decisions, which means I wasn't allowing myself to use my intuition as much as I could have. So, if I was just doing it MY OWN WAY, what would I do differently -- now that I was alone? And then it hit me. I'd do a theme. And not just any theme -- but a theme I'm extremely passionate about.

Envisioning our 5D Society!

There we go! Now I'm definitely EXCITED! We could have speakers that go outside the norm. I know someone personally who is working on an amazing way to improve our society -- but she wouldn't call herself a Lightworker (even though she is.) Jamie Joyce, the founder of the Internet Government -- a form of governance WITHOUT politicians! Wouldn't we all love that??

That's when the pain was over. I immediately moved into a state of GRATITUDE for their decision to depart. Because they weren't holding me back -- but I wouldn't have taken this route if they had stayed! It was BECAUSE they left that I felt more PASSION, more EXCITEMENT, more GRATITUDE and in the end... more PEACE.

That, my friends, is how you take a bad situation and turn it into a blessing.

Special thanks to my amazing partners who made that first expo possible! I love you forever and unconditionally.

I would be remiss if I didn't also express that there was an unfortunate miscommunication about the ownership of the expo. I had put it all under my name and used my money to fund it all in the beginning (which was eventually paid for by the generous donations of those who attended) so I called myself the Founder of the expo. At least one of them felt that it was an equal creation -- and so I screwed that up too! So many lessons learned. That could have been resolved with better communication on my part.

But this is real life. This is what these incarnations experience here on this crazy, 3D, paradise planet! Even when you are creating high-vibrational events like this, it can still go wrong. All you can do is YOUR BEST with your best intentions possible. And you might even find that your intentions can be improved!

Oh! And the speakers I have lined up for this expo are absolutely incredible. I couldn't be more excited. If you'd like to learn more, please check it out here:

Thanks for listening to my personal growth story. I hope you learned something that you can apply to yourself, too, and you can better enjoy your day-to-day life. That's really what I'm here to help facilitate. To love, appreciate and enjoy being these crazy 3d HUMANS!

At least until we ascend to 5D all the time!

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