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The Emotional Frequency Chart

Half of what I do is travel around the country, booking workshops and speaking at conferences and festivals. With all of that closed down, I decided to pour my extra time into my YouTube channel, and with this blog post, I happily announce my first video in what I hope will be a weekly series!

My first video breaks down the Emotional Frequency chart and the Terrestrial vs. the Spirit Emotions. This topic has been a major part of my recent appearances on telesummits, podasts, and in my online class -- and I offer my own unique perspective on how to view and navigate it.

The emotional frequency chart is a great reference guide to help regulate your emotions. You can use it to help you default to the highest possible frequency, and when you experience the lower vibrational emotions, only visit them for long enough to allow them to run their course, but stay no longer.

How you do this is a long and involved process – it’s a practice that you may spend the rest of your life engaged in – but many of the concepts are described in the video, and the full process is something I teach in my online class, Defaulting to Happy -- which I've just opened enrollment for a class series that starts on May 8.

By watching the video and participating in the meditation at the end, you will also receive a Burden Release Activation, which will help you cast aside emotional burdens you’ve been carrying throughout your life. And every time you watch the video, you can use it to release more and more emotional hindrances – including physical pain!

So I invite you to check it out, and you know how social media works – if you LIKE it, and ESPECIALLY if you leave a comment, you can help me grow my channel, which grows my audience, and that increases my ability to reach those who need the type of help I can provide! Of course, it helps ME, too – for obvious reasons.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to watch! If this topic doesn't resonate with you, but you'd still like to see more videos, please subscribe to my channel, here.

I love you unconditionally.

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