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What's a Clarity Activation?

As scheduled, I visited Alana at her home in Albuquerque today so that I could take a non-truck-stop shower and have breakfast.

We had a very nice morning. She's super pleasant and interesting -- especially her stories about her time spent with her friends Tom Kenyon and Gregg Braden. (Two of the more famous figureheads from our Awakening Movement.) She's shown Tom all around the area -- different rock formations, vortexes (vortices?) and she offered the same service to me. So on Saturday, we will be journeying to Tsankawi, the un-excavated part of Bandelier National Monument, near Los Alamos.

Alana and I
Whisper enjoyed her time at Alana's as well.

After our pleasant visit, I left for an online session at 1pm. This was a lady who had never scheduled a session with anyone before. She wasn't completely convinced spiritual people would be able to help her, but she was able to feel the Soul Essence Activation I performed on Judy Anderson's show and she was surprised she did. Ellen (not her real name) had a negative entity attachment, intense full-body pain, and stress pain due to criticism from her nearly bed-ridden mother that Ellen had been caring for.

Removing the negative attachment was the first order of business (like always) and then I performed a burden release activation. When I was asking Ellen where she could feel the pain from her mother's criticism, I immediately felt pain in my own chest and upper back. While trying to isolate it herself, Ellen said her chest and maybe her shoulders? I volunteered, "How about your upper back?" She was amazed! Yes! She definitely felt it there but hadn't realized it before I said something. This just proves that my gifts are continuing to expand. I haven't always been able to feel what my clients are feeling, but this is happening more and more frequently. 

Then I did an uncommon procedure. A Soul Essence Activation focused on the meridians. I will do this on occasion when people complain of full body pain that isn't necessarily associated with any obvious mental/emotional issue. She received a lot of relief from all of it, and admitted that she was surprised how effective it all was.

I also gave her a Clarity Activation -- this was new. She was interested in exploring her gifts, and I asked my guides how I should approach this. The message was loud and clear. Request for her to get clarity! So I did. I'm looking forward to hearing results.

After this, I had another opportunity to go out to dinner with a friend I had met the day before at the Moon Meditation. Alice (fake name) had spent a lot of her life struggling and suffering. The abuse she received as a child was horrific and unthinkable. Yet she was doing remarkably well. It's just that she had a lot of fear. She was also super skeptical of my gifts. She was interested in Ayahuasca, but she didn't believe that I could make any difference just by making noises and calling them "activations." 

We did the activations in my van, which she was a little nervous about thanks to her fear issues. Strange man in a plain white van. Of course she had a negative entity attachment. I also did a burden release activation and a few statement activations. I love myself Unconditionally. and I feel safe, even around men. She felt like nothing had worked. That's OK! It had done SOMETHING -- whether she felt it right then or not. It would be part of her journey, and she may never know if it helped.  

During dinner I saw her shift. She had been keeping her emotions in check -- guarded -- but then she started gushing about how good she was doing. She was smiling. And it hit me. Oh hey! This wasn't normal. She was feeling the effects of the activations. Then, at that precise moment, she said, "Huh. I think maybe your activations worked after all."


I love you unconditionally, dear reader. Thank you for following my journey. So much more to come!

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