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I thought I was done with Video Games!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Today I had an opportunity to speak to a fellow in Los Angeles who is creating a conscious video game. His mother had heard me on Judy Anderson's show, so he reached out. It was a great conversation where I got to review some of the progress on his game's proof of concept, and I got to bring him a little of my 20+ years of video game experience as a producer.

We also discussed my Ayahuasca involvement as it relates to what I'm doing today. He said he had participated in ceremony, but every time he does, he has the exact same experience. He's going to be travelling to Peru to try it again to see if he can get something different. We are likely to meet up when I make it to Los Angeles.

After the call, I spent the majority of the day promoting my upcoming appearance here in Albuquerque.

In the evening, Whisper and I went to the full moon meditation, and while it was very nicely guided by Cat and Barbara, Whisper was not having it. She was whining, refusing to sit still, and constantly wanting to get up on their sofa. Since Barbara had a dog allergy, Whisper needed to stay on the floor... which is definitely something Whisper isn't used to! So we left the room so as to not distract the other guests.

Despite this, I had a nice time and met a few more great people here in Albuquerque. One of which, Alice (fake name), I hope to give a session before I leave. It was also great to get some more face time with Cat and Barbara. Cat and I had an instant connection at the Psychic Fair -- we're both convinced we'll be helping each other in some way in the future. I love connections like that!

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