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Two Days of Solar Failure Pain

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Sunday and Monday were spent trying to diagnose and resolve the complete electrical failure in my van.

The solar system is complicated, but it seems the perfect series of events has caused complete battery charge failure that saw me thinking I needed to purchase a new charge controller and perform a manual jump of the solar batteries. Time was of the essence because I had a flight to catch out of St. Louis on Tuesday morning. That gave me two days to resolve the issues, prepare for that trip, and drive to St. Louis — 3.5 hours away.

It was important to get it resolved before I left because the batteries needed time to "heal" with the sun charging them over the days I was gone.

In the midst of it all I got to spend some quality time with Chance and Haley who were gracious enough to continue to host me while I tried to resolve those issues. I performed a Soul Essence Activation for both of them and they reported seeing incredible visuals, including a spirit warrior -- likely one of the Ancients. The Ancients are a collective of ancient Earth civilizations who work with me when I'm doing some of my activations -- especially the removal of negative entity attachments.

Batteries were SAD FACE

I made some progress...

Then they were indifferent face.

And finally after using Haley's car to jump them and I fixed the engine charging system...

They were HAPPY again!

And when the batteries in my camper van are happy, I'm happy!

Keeping cool, knowing it will all work out, and then working toward that eventuality is the best way to approach something like this. And because I bought the van already wired, I was not intimately familiar with the electrical system. To be honest, I knew almost nothing about how solar systems worked before these two days, but since the batteries crashed, I got a crash course and now I feel confident -- or at least more confident -- that I understand how the system works.

On to Canada for a brief vacation and opportunity to give a talk and group activation on Prince Edward Island...

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