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Farewell to Ethann & Micheila

As I've mentioned before, I was raised by scientists. My father was an electrical engineer. My uncle on the other side of the family was also an electrical engineer. My grandfather was a chemist who worked on triggers for the H-Bomb after World War II. I was raised in an agnostic household. Religion wasn't even discussed. Science was much more reliable than believing silly fairy tales.

So the idea of going to a Sunday morning church service was never even a consideration. I'm trying to remember if I've ever gone to one -- ever. Even after my awakening, I still didn't look at religion as what I was awakening to. Sure, the foundations of traditional religions matched what I was coming to realize, but they've been so modified by man's struggle for power that they lost much of their original message. The message of unconditional love.

So I think *today* was the first time I've ever been to a Sunday morning church service in my life. My new friend, Zack Martin invited me. And I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't a Unity church service. In case you are unfamiliar, the concept with the Unity church is that they are teaching the foundation of religious teachings -- just with no religion. They use the word "God" where I tend to use the word source, but otherwise it's the same concept.

The Unity Church in Sedona

The minister? Pastor? Preacher? I don't know what it's called in a Unity church. On their website he's just called Spiritual Leader Michael Mirdad. He was good! He hit on a few topics that I will definitely incorporate in future sessions and talks. So it was super interesting, helpful, and worthwhile. I think I'll be attending Unity churches in other cities as I travel around the continent.

After the service, Zack and some of his friends decided they wanted to go on a hike, and I got to join them. It was surprisingly easy and yet we went straight up a mountain. From the ground I looked up at it and said, "Oh no way." But as we did it, not only was it easy, but it was really quick. Even Whisper had little trouble navigating it.

It was a perfect day. The sun was warm. There was no breeze. The sky was so blue.

Whisper chillin' at the top

After this excursion, I headed to the nearby town of Cottonwood to use their Rec Center to get a shower. This was an interesting drive because I felt so much more grounded as I got further away from Sedona. As everyone knows there are many vortexes in and throughout Sedona. (There's a geological explanation for this phenomena, by the way) and I didn't realize how much I was feeling them until I drove away. Fascinating.

The drive back to Sedona from Cottonwood

Tonight I had been invited by Elena Starbuck to her home for dinner with some members of Micheila's inner circle who had attended the workshop. Elena lives in an incredible house with one of the most amazing views of the monolithic landscape I'd seen yet.

The view from inside their home
The sunset view from their back deck

We had a very nice evening. Once again, I made more contacts with folks who will be working with me to put on some talks and group activations in and around San Diego and Los Angeles. I'm excited! Kiannaa Sadge and I are likely going to be teaming up for some events.

Elena Starbuck and I

It was a heartfelt goodbye to Elena, Ethann, and Micheila. Since the 2020 Awake and Empowered Expo is completely booked with speakers, I won't be invited back to speak there, so it could be quite some time before I see Ethann and Micheila again. Meanwhile, Elena has invited me back whenever I return to Sedona.

I had a nice chat with Ethann about some of his plans with the Flower of Life moving forward. There could be more ways that we work together, and I'm happy about that. It was also precious to see how well Whisper responded to Ethann's prolonged attention.

I'm seriously considering leaving for Phoenix tomorrow. A few factors are in play. What will the weather be like in both locations? Where can I join a soup kitchen to volunteer over Thanksgiving? I'll definitely know more tomorrow...

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