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The Power of Crystals

I recently saw an Instagram post that went something like this:

I don't want roses, they dry out. I don't want chocolates, they add to my weight. Give me crystals, they raise my vibration.

I'm sure you can relate! My own love of crystals started in the most unlikely of ways...

Raised by scientists, I didn't believe that crystals carried the properties that crystal shops seemed to profess. I thought, the only energy that strange rocks produce that we can't actually feel would be harmful radiation! Plutonium came to mind. So I thought, either they do nothing, or they are harmful. No thanks!

As I continued down my awakening path, they continued to come into my purview, until one day, they were thrust front and center.

I was learning how to perform my Soul Essence Activation. A wonderful lightworker friend of mine, Joshua McVay, was my guinea pig, and I had just finished giving him one of my first ever activations. He lived out of state, so we were doing the activations over video chat. As soon as I had finished, he grabbed a crystal off of his desk and shoved it in front of his phone so I could see it.

"This crystal wants you to activate it," he said.

I was a little put off. Sure, I'd been able to light up all his chakras just by the sound of my voice over video chat, many states away, but how could he possibly know that this inanimate object wanted an activation?? At the same time, who was I to argue?

"OK. Let's do it."

At the moment I said, "awaken," the video chat went dead. A few minutes passed and he finally called me back.

"You're never going to believe this," he said. "When you activated it, I swear to you a little burst of electricity arced from the crystal to my phone and shut my phone down. That's why it took me so long to call you back. I had to reboot it."

OK! Something interesting was definitely happening here!

Since then I've learned that crystals have their own consciousness. They are magical beings that have their own missions, goals, and agendas. They will leap out of your hand to break themselves so they can be split into multiple beings, they will show up missing because it's time for them to be owned by someone else, they will help you with guidance, and they will bestow you with their properties and a raised vibration.

So what happens when I activate them? Lots of things.

  • Their consciousness frequency aligns with yours so they are easier to talk to

  • Their life mission changes so that it aligns with yours

  • Physical changes can and often do occur

  • A timeline shift occurs -- you move to a new timeline where the crystal has always had these "new" properties.

As a former advocate of science, the physical transformation was the most exciting for me because our 3D world is laden with physical energies that we as a species respect more than esoteric energies. Our language is built around it. We say we need solid proof. Concrete examples. A solid foundation upon which to build. We seek physical proof, and we dismiss experiential proof.

When I was noticing a consistency that crystals were physically changing, I decided to create a mini-documentary to show the proof of this change. I befriended two beautiful and wonderful crystal shop owners, and I brought in cameras to record the transformation so we could show the world!

During the shoot, I did four activations on large crystals, and we set up cameras to record each one individually. As we went, each one showed dramatic and massive changes. New cracks, color changes, hue changes. We could all see the clear transformation with our naked eyes, and even when we looked through the camera lens as it happened. The transformation was obvious! We were sure we got it!

Unfortunately, when I reviewed the recordings later, the transformations were not captured at all. They always looked like the new appearance. If the activation caused cracks to occur, the cracks looked like they had always been there. What the heck was going on?

And then it hit me (and I later confirmed it with the 9th Dimensional Pleaidians) what was happening was the crystal wasn't being transformed... instead we were all shifting to a new timeline where that crystal had always looked that way! It was both an amazing discovery and it was a disappointing one. There was no way I could ever show proof of the transformation using three dimensional means. Experiential proof would be the only way.

Turns out, experiential proof is the quantum scientist's only tool - and science really hates that.

But that was when I realized that my activations can shift timelines, and I even went on to specifically target timeline shifts as another modality. Thanks for opening my eyes, Crystals!

Andara Crystals

In a future blog post, I'll be talking about Andara crystals with expert and good friend, Rick Talley. I met Rick at the Awake and Empowered Expo in 2019 and he bestowed me with a beautiful Andara crystal. More on that soon! In the meantime, here's what Rick has to say about Andara crystals:

"Lady Nellie Andaras are inter-dimensional crystals. They contain a large amount of etherium which is an ormus type of element. They exist in multiple dimensions at the same time and they connect to each other around the planet so they establish their own grid. And anyone who has an Andara is connected to that grid."

More on this soon! Thanks for reading.

I love you unconditionally.

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1 commentaire

Alana Woods
Alana Woods
23 févr. 2020

Xane! I love the way you do experiments to check. things out. THe crystal post is interesting..I have loved these earth beauties many years and have had them...Noticed they like to travel around; sometimes. And go to people they are drawn to. They somehow communicate to us their wishes! Would love to see your big crystal. have you gone to the Tucson Gem Show? I would probably go crazy if I ever went to it! I llke to clear my crystals by putting them in a big flower pot...since I do not have much dirt around me in an apartment.

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