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The Final Lesson in Albuquerque

Friday evening at 6:30pm, it was time for another performance of The Final Lesson!

It was great to meet some new beautiful people who came out to see me. And to my shock and surprise, Thayer Hutchinson showed up! She had booked a session with me about six months prior, and she has been a frequent participant in various Facebook posts. While I didn't remember her session, I definitely recognized her name from all the Facebook interactions we'd had! She lives in Santa Fe, which is about an hour away.

I have been shifting The Final Lesson from an uninterrupted lecture to an interactive workshop, so that was the approach I took in this case. Ever since the first lecture (which you can watch on YouTube,) I've been adding new material thanks to additional downloads I've received since. One of which is a deeper discussion of Unconditional Love and the terrestrial emotions and how they differ from one another. That ended up being a large part of the workshop tonight.

I look forward to continuing to refine the talk, and I am planning a new talk that covers Unconditional Love and the terrestrial emotions in more detail.

Thayer Hutchinson and I

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