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My First-Ever Psychic Fair

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Good morning Albuquerque! I woke up to a sunrise behind me, shining down on the city below.

In a way it wasn't as impressive as the nighttime view with all the twinkling lights, but the color palette is obviously super unique!

The White Wash Trail

Whisper and I took a walk on the White Wash trail before I got ready for the Psychic/Healing Fair at noon, which didn't take much effort. It takes a lot longer to set up for the comic book than for healing. This was the first time I ever participated in on-the-spot healing at an expo or fair. Here's how it worked...

Sitting at my table, people came up and sat across from me to get 20-minute sessions. The rate for all healers and psychics at this event was to charge $20 for 20 minutes. This is obviously much lower than what I normally charge, but the idea is for it to be a teaser. Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) my healing is somewhat powerful, so nobody set up a longer session. They got what they needed today!

Even though I'm a complete unknown in Albuquerque, I was busy all afternoon, as I was offering things that most people had never seen before at one of these events. Almost everyone "needs" emotional/mental healing, so they were very willing to plunk down $20 for a transformative experience. Word got around quickly, too. After the first few, the remainder of the afternoon I heard, "I was told to come see you." 

The retired lady, Alana, who I met yesterday, came to the fair -- specifically to see me, she said. We talked for a while, and it turns out she personally knows Tom Kenyon, the famous Hathor channel. She spent years as a minister at the Unity Church, and years studying in India. She is quite experienced in the non-denominational spirit world and loves to share her knowledge. She invited me to her house this week so I can get a non-truck-stop shower, so I'll be stopping by on Wednesday morning.

There were many breakthroughs for my patients today. Tears were shed. Realizations were had. I even got to do one for a 13-year old girl who suffers from depression, anxiety, and fear. She's on SSRI's for it. (SSRI's are a line of antidepressants that increase the serotonin levels in the brain and also cause a numbness of life experience. It is rare that they are truly helpful at getting to the core of someone's pain and should probably be prescribed less. I believe they cause more problems than they solve, depending on the individual.) When I did the negative signature removal from her fear, she couldn't BELIEVE how effective it was. I'm hoping I can set something up more regularly for her so we can ween her off her meds.

Another effective day on my journey! Tomorrow I have a few online appointments and I need to start promoting my event this coming Friday. I'll be giving a 90-minute talk and group activation for all those who attend...

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