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Simulation Theory and Spirituality

For my first appearance in LA, I did a short introduction to the power of the Hathors in the form of a Soul Essence Activation for a group of attendees to the Multi- Eminence Awakeners Gala in 5D. We started with a Negative Entity Attachment removal, of which there were multiple, and concluded with a powerful group meditation. This was an interesting crowd of believers and non-believers, but they all felt something! That's really the power of the Soul Essence Activation -- even when people don't think it's possible, they still always feel something. Even if it's ever so slight.

The Gala itself with great fun, with excellent musical performances and crowd participation. Instruments were available for anyone to play, and almost everyone did participate in some way.

At the end of the evening I met Ryan Bozajian at the event. He's a renowned thinker in the Simulation Theory space, which resulted in a fascinating discussion. As a quick overview, there is a growing theory in the science world that we are all in some sort of Simulation -- think The Matrix -- but less sinister. Elon Musk talks about this frequently.

If you pay any attention to the advancement of video game technology (and I certainly have, after spending 22 years as a Producer in the industry) then you know that the advancement is incredible. In just 40 years we went from PONG to a fully immersive near-photorealistic experience with millions of simultaneous players in Virtual Reality. If you consider any sort of rate of advancement at all, then it is a guarantee that we will find a way to create an experience that is indistinguishable from reality and we'll also find a way to fool our own brains into thinking that the game world is reality.

So what are the chances that our current experience as human beings on Earth, as Elon Musk puts it, Base Reality? Very slim. He says one in billions.

This is something I've been thinking about for a while, but Ryan put an exclamation point on it for me. So much of what I've observed in the spiritual world translates extremely well to video game language.

Metaphysics says that we chose this life, our parents, and our experiences before we were born. This mirrors character selection in a video game.

Channeling beings outside of our lives could be our way of communicating with the players of the game we are all in right now.

Spiritual Gifts could be taking control of the video game similar to the way Neo (Keanu Reeves) did in The Matrix.

Quantum Physics shows us that the observer is an important element in identifying certain properties in waveforms and light. Could it be that this is a video game mechanism designed to "render" the world only when we (the players) are observing it?

One way or another, this theory likely has some truth to it. Either the video game that we call existence was created by beings using some sort of technology or that we did this ourselves as Source. (Or both) We know that we live in a world of illusion and that our human experience is a temporary state of existence. It stands to reason that Simulation Theory has a lot to do with our reality in some form or fashion. I'm sure much can be learned from it -- and I intend to learn as much as I can to be the most well-rounded healer, servant, and teacher I can be.

More to come!

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