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Samhain Market & Masquerade

Today Chance Garton and his friend, Kris, and I drove to Fayetteville, Arkansas (~2 hours south) to attend the Samhain Market and Masquerade. A few weeks prior, Chance offered to share a table with me. I immediately reached out to the event organizer to see if they had any openings for speaking opportunities and to my surprise, they did! I was able to give a Soul Essence Group Activation and a The Final Lesson workshop. 

Chance is hanging his InnerVerse Podcast banner next to my RIGHTEOUS setup

In the Soul Essence Group Activation, a few in the audience had extreme reactions, including weeping and vibrating. The acoustics of the room complimented the vocal tones well!

For The Final Lesson, I had a smaller group compared to the 100+ at the Awake and Empowered Expo, so I changed the format and made it more of an interactive workshop than a lecture. I really enjoyed it! I got to ask people questions, understand their sufferings, and cater the points and content to address their specific issues. It was filled with activations -- some of which were very direct and targeted to individuals. I think this is the future of The Final Lesson.

After the market and the talks, there was a masquerade party with music and dancing.

Kris and I at the party.

Having a dog along for the ride -- Whisper, my 11-year old whippet -- is an interesting proposition. She doesn't like to be left alone for long periods, so I bring her with me anywhere and everywhere I can. She came to my talks, hung out at the table during the market, and then even attended the masquerade party to close out the day. At times she distracts my audience, but most of the time she brings a type of calming love and peace to those who meet her. She's graceful, elegant, and well-loved everywhere she goes.

Exhausted, we drove over two hours back to Springfield, Missouri. Upon returning I discovered that my solar batteries were completely drained. I had been noticing a lack of recharging going on, and I finally realized a breaker was off that shouldn't have been. Unfortunately, everything was shut down, including the charge controller, which means that the sun won't recharge those batteries even though I flipped the breaker back on. So now I have to figure out how to get the batteries recharged enough to be able to fire the controller back up. I'm learning my systems on the fly! Exciting.

Since I can't sleep in the van (the furnace won't work without electricity) Chance has invited me to sleep on a cot in his house. We'll figure this out on Sunday. Goodnight!

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