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RIGHTEOUS Comic gets an ally in Hollywood

Today's call with Lauren Henry was perfect! Before we talked, I had the opportunity to see some of her awesome work in a YouTube short that she wrote, directed, and acted. It's quite clever and has some of the stylings of the best mockumentaries out there, especially popular shows like The Office. I was incredibly encouraged. She has an immense amount of talent and a copious amount of drive and determination!

As a producer, she shops shows around to TV channels, studios, and web-based media/entertainment corporations like Gaia and Netflix. She has created pitches for her own show concepts (which the YouTube short above is an example) and then she's done the legwork to get the shows signed.

Tonight, she sent me a sample set of the materials needed to generate a successful pitch. It includes scripts for the first few episodes, a detailed summary of the entire first season, episode plot breakdowns, a Powerpoint presentation, and in this case, a sizzle video that was like a small portion of what an episode might look like. In many cases, a Pilot is created that would accompany the pitch. I'm not sure if this will be needed for RIGHTEOUS. If so, funding will be required!

So Lauren is hard at work as we speak, crafting a big list of all the things we need to do, a list of questions for me, ideas on how we can pitch this and to whom, and any other brainstorms she has. I'm incredibly excited. It's exactly what I've needed.

Have I mentioned I manifested this? I'll be writing a blog post on manifestation soon, but I have so much confidence in my manifestation skills, I just sit back and watch them happen. This is another one. A big one! And I feel good about Lauren being the one I've been waiting for to take RIGHTEOUS to the next level!

We made a major decision today. We want this to be a TV show. Not a movie. We'd accept a movie if it was the right scenario, but this story is long and involved and lends itself much better to a TV show. So that's what we're going for!

Stay tuned for more developments.

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