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Removing Unwanted Alien Implants

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Here's a new one for me! Yesterday's blog post, How to Remove Negative Entity Attachments received some great responses, but none as interesting as this one from a Belgium native, who gave me permission to discuss this. She asked a simple question.

Many people are carrying alien energetic implants. These devices are hard to remove energetically... this is is like a programmed chip that is disturbing positive energy. What do you do about those ?

My first response was, "what?" -- The only time I've run into anything like this is when I was early on in my training, and I described a tingling that I could feel in my stomach to a fellow lightworker. She explained that this was a Pleaidian implant designed to help me during my ascension process.

Needless to say, this was difficult for me to swallow as I was still getting used to the idea that we were even talking to the Pleaidians in the first place -- let alone that we had "implants." After this stomach tingling left me and it shifted to my forehead, where I can still feel it today, (even as I type this) I have come to understand that she's right, except that my concept of an implant was mechanical in nature at the time she first told me about it. But now I understand that it's energetic. And I rely on my forehead tingling as an aspect of my work and feedback. When I meditate and get into contact with my guides, my forehead tingles. When someone tells me something new and the information I received is important, my forehead tingles. When I give someone an activation, my forehead tingles. It's all related.

But still, the idea of a negative implant was still new to me. So I asked my guides. Sure enough, the information I received was that she was correct. That she received an energetic implant from an extraterrestrial group that wanted to know more about us. She describes them as very mechanical as partial biological beings and partially robotic. Cyborgs. And she knows this because she has visions of them every night when she sleeps. And every morning when she wakes up, they are there, experimenting on her. There is an implant in her stomach, and they connect tubes to her belly button. The tubes resemble an octopus-like creature, and the entry point causes her a lot of pain in and around her belly button.

She's had energy work done before, and they are always able to temporarily remove the pain and the experience, but over time it always comes back. The day that Sandra saw my blog post about negative entity attachments, she said was her worst day in a long time, so she reached out to me, hoping that I could help her!

My guides said I could remove this implant. And not just remove the implant, but help make these beings leave her alone. She said that while we were chatting, she could tell I was already working on her. I think that's what gave her the confidence to give me a try, since we'd never worked together before and she knew I had never removed an alien implant before. So she booked a session for the following day (today) and we just had it.

In this half-hour session, I removed a negative entity attachment before I began working on the implant. My guides were very helpful in this procedure -- moreso than usual -- because I'd never done it before. They kept telling me what to do and in what order to do it. It was imperative that I remove the entity first, as it could have run interference on the removal of the implant. After activating her halo chakra to prevent the entity from returning, I was instructed to remove the pain from her belly button. This aspect of my practice has been getting more and more powerful in recent weeks, and it completely eliminates different types of pain -- emotional and physical.

The next step was to remove the implant itself. Which I was able to do with relative ease. They had me do a vocal tone and I pictured it lifting up out of her body and being smashed with a hammer -- a physical and energetic hammer. After that we did a new type of statement activation. Actually, I should call it a declaration activation. The declaration was, "I am not your guinea pig to be experimented on!" I enhanced and activated this statement and felt it echo throughout the universe.

My guides tell me the entire procedure was completely successful and that she should never experience any further experimentation. She echoed that she could feel all the work I was doing and she also felt confident it was successful. Of course, as I've already mentioned, she's worked with other energy healers and has had success -- at first -- but eventually it all comes back. We're both hopeful that won't be the case this time! My guides are extremely powerful, so I have faith that it will work out for her. Time will tell!

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