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Releasing Control and Accepting

A new, beautiful friend recently asked me if I get stressed out. It didn't take long to answer her question, and this article is the summation of that response.

The more you try to control life, the more you screw it up.

Well, not necessarily, but something we do poorly is allow and accept. We envision that things go in a particular way with a particular result.

One of my recent clients spent two years in prison because he was a runner in an illegal substances trade. He got caught and served the maximum sentence. He's now a felon and his twin boys were not even 6 months old when he began serving his time.

But he did something extremely right in a terrible situation. He allowed and accepted. And by doing so, he discovered spirituality while he was in jail. His cellmates and a few others were getting into metaphysics. They were studying the chakras, channeling, alien contact, crystals, and all the good stuff that is a big part of this journey. Had he not gone to prison, he may not have ever given it a chance. And now, he's attending spiritual talks, receiving activations, and immersing himself in a spiritual world that is expanding his consciousness and his possibilities.

The thing to always remember is that by trying to control your future, you could be upset when something goes amazingly well. Wait. What? How is that possible?

Say for instance you were falsely accused of stealing something at work and your boss fired you. This is a job you've been enjoying and excelling at for a number of years! Not only that, but because you were accused of stealing something, you are under investigation for the theft and your industry now won't touch you with a ten foot pole. You are damaged goods and you can't do that work any longer -- or at least until you've made it through the court process -- which doesn't happen quickly.

How would you feel if something like that happened?

If you are like most people, you'd be a mess. However, and this is difficult to remember, that would have only happened to you if you were supposed to step away from that career and do something new. Because you were ready to spread your wings and do something incredible. This is something your higher self knows full well, but your primitive 3-dimensional brain is sorely lacking. We forget how limited our 3D perspective is. We think we know. But we don't. Who would you rather follow? A multidimensional guide or a limited, 3D human?

By being upset that you could never work in that industry again is exactly how you would have been upset that something amazing had just happened!

It's difficult to remember the greatness of these unfortunate events... at any time. Before it happens, it's ridiculously impossible. You are trying to steer your life so terrible things like that do not happen. Then when it does happen, you aren't even close to realizing that it happened because you were ready. You are in the throes of this terrible experience. How will you ever work again!?! Your life is over, man. Game over!

Let's break this down. What is the driving emotion in trying to control or steer your life?


Fear that your life won't go the way you want it to. Fear that you won't be able to enjoy your life if it doesn't go your pre-determined way. Fear that you won't be able to provide for your family. Fear that you'll lose someone who is important to you. Or any number of other fears. Fear. Fear. Fear.

And what vibrational frequency is fear? It's the lowest. This is your reptile brain. This is survival. Scratching, clawing, desperate survival. When you are making decisions from a fear state, you are as far as possible from the 5th dimension. You are firmly in the third. And you are actually acting like a primitive computer program. A squirrel is pre-programmed to collect nuts when it gets colder. It is programmed to zig and zag when chased by a predator. This is a fear response.

Don't be a squirrel. There's a better way! So how should you handle it instead?

Always remember that everything that happens to you is because you are ready for it to! The key is to be in a state of flow. Of acceptance. Of openness. Of confidence that you can handle anything that happens, because you are capable, and the "bad" thing wouldn't have happened if you couldn't handle it!

In a state like this, how else do you feel? Calm. A sense of knowing. A confidence. A trust. Ease. Relaxation.

These are all high-vibrational experiences. They are the gateways to the 5th dimension.

Bashar's civilization lives on a planet he calls Essessani. (Bashar is an extra-dimensional channeled by Daryl Anka) Their entire society follows this concept as a basic principle. Their civilization functions on the concept of synchronicity! When something "bad" happens, they become excited because they know something even better is going to replace the thing they lost.

When you live your life in this way, you not only make it great for yourself and for those around you, but you also take one step closer to shifting to the 5th dimension. We all do! So I'm excited for you to take this step, and I'm in your corner. Let me know if I can help.

In the end, trust that the universe has your back. That you are ready to handle anything that comes your way. And that your primitive 3rd dimensional brain cannot tune in to what's going to happen or what's best for you... so how can your manufactured vision of the future be trusted?

So that's the answer to my friend's question: No, I don't spend much of my life in a state of stress, because I know that things happen when I'm ready for them to. It's my job to figure out how to handle it and how to proceed, and that's much easier to do that when I can accept all of my experiences exactly as they are and as they were meant to be...

For my best interest.

Merry Christmas! May your holidays be in flow and therefore stress-free!

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1 Comment

Alana Woods
Alana Woods
Dec 25, 2019

Yes predeterming how life should go is limiting .And expecting love a certain way too .Expectiing love a certain way or from only certain channels is limiting too. .Love is everywhere ...and flowing from trees ,Birds,, mountains, LIFE. Relax to receive it. It is free. I have found that people can love but not show it overtly . They express it in ways that are not obvious ..

It can be how they touch things.. how they treat people and animals. How they notice

Little things in life. How they say things that are RIGHT ON

At the right moment. Did you ever think about this?

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