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Release of RIGHTEOUS Chapters 11 & 12

A dreary, rainy day in Tulsa kept me in the van. I spent the majority of the day working on assembling and posting the latest Issues of RIGHTEOUS to my website and then promoting it to my mailing list and Facebook. Chapters 11 and 12 are now available!

After spending some time wiping down the toilet and surrounding area with bleach, I noticed my propane tank was nearly empty. This seems a little bit fast to me, but I've been doing a lot of cooking and running the furnace as it's been cold. Gotta get further south and west!! Before I left Chicago, I bought a replacement part for a Weber grill that is a propane tank hanging scale and mounted it in the van so I can easily see how much propane I have left. I think that saved me from running out ALREADY!

I was hoping to spend some more time with Joshua today, but he ended up working into the evening, so I decided I might as well hit the road and get a few hours of driving in after dark. As I made my way through Tulsa, there was a lot of rain, thunder, and lightning, but as soon as I got outside of the city, it completely cleared up. I've stopped at a truck stop in Oklahoma City for the night. It's supposed to be one of the coldest nights yet, so I'm hunkering down. It's also quite windy! As I sit here and type this, the van is wobbling from the wind. Should be a good night...

Tomorrow I have a session in the morning and then I plan to high-tail it to Amarillo, Texas. It should be warmer there!

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