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Release Negative Emotions by Facing Them

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

I had an incredible lunch meeting with Ms. Cathy Best today. She's already helping me put together a talk and group activation here in Phoenix, and we're targeting Dec 14th or 15th. I realize the month of December can be difficult to get a turnout, but even if we get to change a few lives, it's totally worth it! For anyone who is curious, Cathy rocks. She's motivated, bright, positive, and a fun lunching partner. She got on the phone right away and started calling Metaphysical shops to try to find a venue we could use! I love her motivation. It's inspiring!

The torrential rains have finally ceased. I think it's funny that in every desert city I've visited so far, it's rained like crazy, and in each town, the locals exclaim how rare it is. Yet it's happened to me in Albuquerque, Sedona, and now Phoenix. It rained so much in Phoenix my friend's backyard is under water. Of course, he says that's never happened before, either. :P

Fluffy clouds, palm trees, and the sun! I'm really enjoying Phoenix.

I also had a great session today for Ronda (Fake name to keep anonymity at her request. BTW Isn't Ronda a fun fake name? I should create a rating page so you can rate the creativity of the fake names I use...) She is a lightworker herself, and has been helping people with mental/emotional issues and traumas just like me! She was carrying with her two incredibly difficult emotional burdens. Her true love died some time ago, and she's been struggling with dating ever since. When I had her say, "I deserve a beautiful romantic relationship," she began to tear up.

It was obvious we needed to do a Burden Release Activation. She's been carrying so much pain in this area of her life, and she was able to readily identify where she was feeling it, which was huge.

Negative emotions carry with them a negative physiological experience. When you think about fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, heartbreak, loneliness, and more, you can concentrate on what that negative emotion actually FEELS like. Close your eyes and explore and understand where you feel it in your body. Isolate it. When you say you "feel bad" -- this is what you are experiencing. We sometimes think it's much more than this, but it really isn't! When you focus on this feeling, you have the power to make it go away or reduce it.

The key is to not run from it, but to face it, explore it, and dissect it. Approach it with curiosity, not fear!

Is it a physical pain? A weight? A tightness? If you were to inject it with a fluorescent dye, and the dye was attracted to the discomfort, what shape would it take? Would it be a cloud? A blob? Needles? Would it be the shape of your body? Your muscles?

When you have it isolated -- when you can feel it and see it -- then you can start to manipulate it. This is what we do together in a session. And when they can really feel it and see it, we do an activation that removes it. Sometimes it takes a few moments, sometimes its instantaneous. But the relief felt is surprising!

Ronda noticed her sadness and grief burden dissipating almost immediately. And I have to say that the energy feedback I received during our session was greater than what I normally feel. That usually means that the impact was great, and that she was ready -- truly ready to turn the page! Sometimes we inadvertently hold on and it's not as effective. As powerful as the Hathors are, it's still a team effort. You have to want the relief you are seeking, and you have to trust and allow it to happen.

That's what Ronda did, and we made amazing progress in her session today. We relieved anxiety and sadness. We also helped her love herself unconditionally (as always) among other things. She also has a number of people that she needs to forgive, so we may do a special forgiveness session in the future. I'm hoping so!

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Thank you for your interest, support, likes, shares and comments! We can spread Unconditional Love together, as a team. Booyah!

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