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Powerful Synchronicity Proven Again

A break in the downpour brought the sun out -- slightly! So Whisper and I took full advantage of it and got a nice long walk in.

This town just keeps getting better and better!
It almost looks like some sort of man-made amphitheater.

As we were returning to the van after our satisfying walk, this fellow (right) emerged from a fancy house. I suddenly had the urge to talk to him, but it seemed a bit strange to cross someone's front yard and introduce myself. But Whisper must have sensed it, too. She stopped, and uncharacteristically, she went toward him, pulling on the leash a little.

Whisper is a former show dog, so she is the most behaved leash walker I've ever seen. She hardly ever pulls. She's so good at keeping pace, you hardly ever even realize she's there!

I remember saying, "Whisper wants to meet you," and I watched as they had a touching connection. There was a lot of mutual respect there. It so happened that Zack was walking in the same direction as we were, so we had an opportunity to converse. He talked about the magic of Sedona and how he discovered it in 2017 and it had completely transformed him. It was clear he had a powerful awakening and he was full of unconditional love.

It's easy (for me) to spot someone like that a mile away.

Needless to say our connection was instantaneous and we exchanged Facebook contact before going our separate ways.

Later, when I took a hard look at Zack Martin's Facebook page, I noticed that we had five mutual friends. To my shock and surprise, the five mutual friends were friends of Sanni's! If you are unfamiliar with my relationship with Sanni, I highly recommend you watch this YouTube video. Either way, understand that Sanni was instrumental in the early stages of my awakening. Her role of giving me the experiential PROOF that I needed to believe that all of this spiritual healing was even possible was paramount.

I reached out to Zack, informing him of this, and asking if there were any interesting events coming up that I might attend so I could meet more folks in the community. He proceeded to invite me to a birthday party this evening, so I graciously accepted.

The location was shrouded in mystery. It was the Star Heart Cultural Community Center, and I couldn't find it on Google Maps. Turns out, Google Maps doesn't know anything about it. But I eventually found it on just a general web search and arrived early.

The wonderful people who came to this birthday party -- especially the birthday boy himself, Jeremy -- were inviting, happy, fun, and talented. Musicians, artists, writers, and lovers of life occupied this special place.

Something else became clear in no time. Many of them were homeless. I couldn't tell how many exactly, but more than a few lived in tents, trailers, and small vehicles. I suppose that technically, I'm homeless, too, but this has been a longtime goal of mine. Everyone's reason for being there was different. Their stories were so interesting and varied! Here's one of my favorites from Navi...

Navi was from Indoneisa. She was Sumarian and at age 15 she was given away by her mother in an arranged marriage, and she was pregnant that same year. In Sumatra it is customary for women to have multiple husbands, and at one point she had two. Today she has eleven children from many different fathers, and many of her children have never met! Her eldest daughter is 31 now, and Navi is a grandmother to 6 grandchildren. She also mentioned that she was a part of the U.S. special forces Military and she had been stationed in the middle east, in which time she shot and killed children who had bombs strapped to their bodies before they could set them off.

So if you think you have it rough, just listen to a story like this, and it will change your perspective on everything.

I'm excited because Navi wants to schedule some sessions with me for herself (PTSD) and one of her older children. I'm excited to help them! She was a precious soul, despite all she's been through. Amazing. Beautiful.

Zack and I got to talk more, and some of the topics will be discussed in future posts, but to conclude the synchronicity, the five people that we both know in common are highly implausible connections. He met them in Asheville, NC in 2017 while he was there for only a week attending a special event, and I met them in early 2018 when I was there for only a week, attending a festival with Sanni. When I told Zack about her, he said, "Oh yeah, that name sounds familiar."

What a blessing tonight was.

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