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Feeling the Energies of New Mexico!

I woke up this morning to very cold temperatures -- around freezing -- and the strong winds had gone all night and continued into the morning.

I was fortunate to start my day with a glorious session with one of the lovely women I met on Prince Edward Island. I felt like we were able to make some breakthroughs by helping her love herself unconditionally, feeling accepted by her mother, and becoming aligned with the energy of money! I'm excited to see what type of long-term effects she experiences.

After that was done, I took a truck stop shower and got back on the road. My mission was to make it to Amarillo, Texas today. I have a fond memory of this town from a vacation that Jessa and I took to Santa Fe, New Mexico some time ago. (Maybe 7 years ago??)

It was a super dreary day, and this time of year, everything looks dead.

As you can see, the landscape wasn't inspiring. And after stopping in Amarillo to get some groceries for a soup I planned to make this evening, I realized I didn't need to stay in Amarillo at all. I felt drawn to continue to New Mexico! Talk about fond memories! This is the land of enchantment, and I can honestly say I felt that when we crossed into this state 7 years ago.

And this time was no different. As a matter of fact, I felt it as soon as I decided to continue my journey! It's like New Mexico said, "Yes, please!" and I heard it.

I settled into this little tiny park in this little tiny town called San Jon, not far across the border of New Mexico. I found the location on an iOverlander recommendation, so I'm the only vehicle in this little park -- and really as far as I can see. No road noise. No people. Pretty cool. 

I got here just before dark and got myself settled.

At 1:00am tonight, I have a session with a client in Taiwan! She couldn't do the normal times so I made an exception to work with her at a very unusual time. Normally, I stay up that late anyway, but tonight I'm feeling pretty tired. I may have to take a nap beforehand. We'll see. It's already 9:30pm...


UPDATE: Just finished the session with my Taiwanese client. It went well! She is a translator and a healer as well. She suggested that I work with some of her clients and she would translate. That would be great! Charming lady. :)

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