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My House is in the Shop

Lots of great things are happening here in Los Angeles! I've found great places to visit, eat, sleep, and I've been enjoying the unexpectedly warm and friendly people here. I've also met up with my incredible friend, Adam Marz, who I met at the Awake and Empowered Expo in Detroit in August 0f 2019. He's been a huge help because.... DUN DUN DUN... I had to take MY HOUSE to the shop.

Something I hadn't put a lot of thought into... But when your car goes into the shop, it might take a few days to get it repaired. For most people, this is just an inconvenience. Either they give you a loaner vehicle, or you and your partner have to do more carpooling. However, when you live in your vehicle, that means you are literally homeless for those days. I'm sorry, but they aren't going to have a camper van as a loaner!

Adam Marz to the rescue! He has graciously put me up in his loft in downtown Los Angeles. His place is stunning. You see, Adam is a Lighting Designer and fabulous musician. Ultimately, he's an ultra creative all around, and he has discovered the magic of black lights, luminescent paints, and what he calls "5D Glasses" -- they bring certain colors forward and other colors get pushed back, so you can create 3D imagery using colored paints, but even more dramatic experiences coupling luminescent paints, black lights, and the 5D glasses. It's quite the experience!

Anyway, back to my home on wheels... It had a transmission fluid leak, and the tire inflation detection system has been going haywire. Incredibly, when I bought the van from the previous owner, she had purchased an extended warranty that would keep it covered until it reached the 75,000 mile mark. Crisis averted! However, the new transmission pan gasket needed time to dry so I can't have my home back until a day or two after I dropped it off. So today I'm typing this blog update from Marz' loft. What a pal!

Also, last night, Marz continued his unconditional love by gracing my wardrobe with his talents. Because not only is he a lighting designer, but he brings his abundant creativity to everything he does, and that includes painting clothing. So I now have one of my suit coats (which I bought special for this occasion) painted in an absolutely amazing combination of patterns -- including a flower of life pattern -- and fluorescent paints. You've never seen anything like it. I will be wearing it for our Saturday night Gala here at the Mothership (the Mothership is what he calls his amazing apartment in downtown LA.)

Before and After. You'd never know it was the same jacket. Also you can see a bit of the Mothership behind me.

I purchased the above suit jacket at the Fashion District -- also called Santee Alley -- in Los Angeles. It's many blocks of small outlet stores that import clothing from all over the world and sell them to consumers at cost.

We have a lot planned over the next few days. On Friday night, Adam Marz and his girlfriend, Heather Thomas, will be playing live (The Heather Thomas Band) in Santa Monica on Friday, January 31st at 8pm at Harvelle's. (1432 4th Street, Santa Monica)

I'd love to see you there! (They may drag me up on stage to do some activations for the audience -- we'll see what happens.)

On Saturday night at the Multi- Eminence Awakeners Gala at the Mothership, experience a number of activities, including a sunset meditation by Marz, a full Soul Essence Activation by myself, plus musical performances by the Heather Thomas Band and the Marzian Circus. Should be a great time!

Good news! I've received a call that my van should be finished no later than tomorrow (Thursday) so hopefully I'll have my house back soon and my homelessness will be a distant memory.

Post Script: I continue to add more content to my class, Defaulting to Happy, and my guides have been sending me exciting new activations that I'll be including. I look forward to unveiling them to my first-ever online students! Sign up here if you are interested! Only 6 slots left at the time of this writing, and I've been answering some inquiries and getting some nice comments about it.

One person said, "Your Online Class looks amazing! And it is super duper generous, with a much lower price tag than I had imagined.  I was super surprised about the 8 people limit. That's interesting and makes the incentive powerful, to be in such a small group with you."

She said she'd be signing up soon, and I have another verbal commitment as well. So this is filling up fast!

Thanks for reading, and as always, I love you unconditionally.

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