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I Get to Work with Such Powerful People

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Every day on the road is so different from every other. But today was different because Whisper and I didn't spend any time on the road whatsoever. It was a stay-inside-the-van day doing amazing sessions with amazing people!

For Jennifer Buianowski, who has already given me a testimonial that is currently featured on the bottom of the Sessions page, we spent some time working through some different issues, and wouldn't you know it? Forgiveness came up. If you didn't read my post from yesterday, you wouldn't know that my session with Monelli was focused almost 100% on forgiveness. It's funny how all of this works out.

Similar to Monelli, Jennifer worked on issues she had with her mother. And we did some of the same exercises Monelli and I had done the day before. However, this time, Jennifer shared that when it came time to realize the great weight that had been lifted when she forgave her mother, she said she felt pain that actually originated from her Mom. It was preventing her from feeling the release and relief that she had just opened up for herself, thanks to her powerful empathic nature. I knew that in order for Jennifer to feel fully at peace, we needed to help her mother in some way, and pronto!

Immediately I was given a vision from my guides. And the vision looks very similar to this clip art I found online. I saw myself sending energy to Jennifer, and I saw her bouncing that energy directly to her mother using a mirror (just like in the drawing.) And of course, I saw Jen's Mom on the receiving end of this procedure. A powerful burden release activation amplified and redirected by Jennifer herself. I think it's important to note here that all of the amazing people I work with are extremely powerful, but they don't always know it. This was just another way for Jen to see how powerful she truly is. I quickly described this vision to Jen, and she was game. So she set her intention, and I set my intention to deliver this powerful burden release activation to Jen and that it could be reflected to her mother, in essence healing them both at the same time.

It worked! Jen felt the release and it wasn't long before she received a text from her mother who was asking what was happening! Her mother isn't consciously open to the practice of energy healing, but she wants to be, and after today, she has another reason to be!

Jen and I worked on a few more items, like accepting that she was deserving of a community of like-minded people and that she wouldn't have to feel so isolated anymore, Later in the day, Jen messaged me.

My heart is so full, lovely Xane. Thank you for your healing and your work, our collaborations, and our friendship. Feeling light and airy and ready for anything the unverse deems me ready for! I AM READY!

For Heidi Murdock, it was her very first session, so we did much of the foundational work that I typically do with first-time clients. We made sure she loved herself unconditionally, through and through! We released emotional burdens that were weighing her down and that I could feel myself as we talked. I channeled a message from her guides, informing her that she can manifest so easily -- she just has to ask for what she wants!

We also discovered that in her current living situation, she is making herself small so as not to upset the people she is living with. This is to avoid conflict and make their lives easier, even though it makes her own life more difficult. This is a message she sent me later in the day:

Hi Xane, all I can say is wow I’m feeling great after our session today and I handled some pretty intense conversations without making myself feel small. I appreciate all you do. Grateful.

That's when Heidi came up with a brilliant idea! She does a twice-monthly spiritual call with four other people that she met at the Awake and Empowered Expo in Detroit this year. They discuss their issues, their gifts, and spirituality in general. (Topher, my lunch date from the other day, is in this group as well.) She invited me to join their call and give everyone an "Alignment with the Energy of Money" Activation as a Christmas gift to her dear friends!

I'm honored and I look forward to participating in this act of good will and kindness!

Tomorrow morning I'm scheduled to volunteer to help provide food for the homeless in downtown Phoenix at 9am. I'm excited to participate and I'll be sure to get some photos of my morning as well to share with you! From there, I have no plans, so we'll see where I'm led!

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As a thank you for following me on my journey, anyone reading this article has received an activation of Unconditional Love from me to you. <3


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