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More Activations in Springfield, MO

After returning from my wonderful trip to Canada, I drove the nearly three hours back to Springfield, MO to meet up with Chance and Haley at a Metaphysical fair. To my shock and surprise, Cynde Myer, the publisher of Spirit Seeker was there, too, so we got to reunite. She runs the magazine that has published special versions of RIGHTEOUS in five past issues.

In the evening I spent more time with Chance and Haley. I gave them some more activations, including Burden Release, a live Negative Signature Removal, and an “I am Perfect” Activation. The burden release was targeted at emotional baggage that they had both carried with them throughout their lives. For Chance, he had a heaviness in his chest that he realized was a direct corollary to a childhood experience. The activation was able to completely lift that weight that he'd been carrying with him all of these years.

The live negative signature removal was for Haley... she had been feeling some anger during the evening and with the negative signature removal, she was able to watch as her anger melted away and she felt much better and more understanding of the situation that caused it in the first place!

So often we forget that we are perfect. We believe that perfect means without flaws, but in fact, that type of perfect doesn't exist in the universe. Instead, we are perfect, including our flaws! This is hard to remember, and it's even more difficult to convince the right brain of that fact. The "I am Perfect" activation convinces the subconscious that it can look at itself as truly perfect and stop blaming itself for every little mistake -- because there are no mistakes! Everything always happens exactly as it is supposed to. Always.

By the end of the evening, it seemed like the activations may have even strengthened their relationship. <3

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