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Oh no! Compost Toilet Disaster!

When you live in a camper van on the road, there are a number of modern conveniences that are not so convenient. One of them is internet connection. With my cellular service, I have some nice options with an iPhone, iPad, and a mobile Wi Fi device, but there are limitations. Connection speeds can be suspect, plus there are bandwidth limits. So as often as possible I try to find free wifi, and one place I've discovered is McDonald's. It's often strong enough that I can park close to the building and use the connection from inside my van, which is great since my sessions are often somewhat loud.

This morning I had two sessions for Jazz Up Your Life with Judy listeners. Each session was excellent and they were both challenging in their own ways.

One was a woman who experienced incredible pain in her stomach -- and had all of her life. I probably gave her more activations in one hour than I've ever given anyone.

The second was an experienced practitioner who was still dealing with a number of difficult issues. She stood out because she was one of the few people I've ever encountered who ALREADY loved herself unconditionally. Sadly, this is a super rare discovery.

Immediately following those two great sessions, I headed over to Ian Dowell's podcast studio and we recorded a nice interview for his show called I Have Questions. Our centered around the problems with society, the incentive program (our capitalist system,) and the role unconditional love will play in our hope to reach a Utopian society.

Another two hour drive from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Tulsa, Oklahoma where my friend Joshua is living while he does some work building sets for plays and other events. Joshua was a huge part of my lightworker discovery -- he helped me realize I could activate crystals and helped me discover that I could apply my activations to the chakras. Incredibly instrumental! This is our first time to ever meet each other face-to-face, and it's been great! 

Joshua and I

And another modern convenience that isn't very convenient in a camper van is elimination. My van has a composting toilet and it works great! There are essentially two receptacles. One is a very large bottle for the urine, and the other is a composting chamber for solid waste.

Unfortunately, after arriving at Josh's I decided to empty my urine receptacle because I knew it was getting full. I just didn't know HOW full.

It truly was like a nightmare. My receptacle was overly full. As soon as I opened it up, urine overflowed all over the floor of my van. I cleaned and cleaned, but it didn't matter. My home smells like a porto-potty. Tomorrow I'll be getting some bleach and cleaning everywhere I can. I'll probably even need to unbolt the toilet to the floor so I can clean underneath it.

There are definitely some challenges to life to #vanlife, but I'm learning. And I don't think I'll ever let that happen again. I better not.


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