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Met a Filmmaker and Writer Today

I stayed an extra day in Albuquerque because Cat Jones and Barbara Kerford from AuraPhoto invited me to be a vendor at their first ever Fair. The title, Wellness and Arts, worked perfectly for my two offerings. My comic book and my energy work!

My double booth. RIGHTEOUS and Soul Essence Activation

What a great day it was! I got to see some of the friends I've made throughout my week in Albuquerque -- from the first Psychic fair the previous week to the Full Moon Meditation. Plus wonderful brand new friends as well, including Michelle Belmont, the talented actress and writer, as well as Price Hall, Ranch owner and filmmaker!

Michelle Belmont
Price Hall

Albuquerque has become an extension of Hollywood, making this a hot spot for many actors, actresses, writers, production designers, directors, producers, and filmmakers in general. It so happens that Cat and Barbara are actresses and are tied directly to this group. And this group is also open to Unconditional Love and spirituality in general.

I was able to give some activations to both Price and Michelle that I believe will help them moving forward. Michelle is going to read through RIGHTEOUS and possibly lend her writing skills to help! After Price Hall generously offered his ranch as a place for me to visit and stay the next time I'm in town, I jokingly suggested he create RIGHTEOUS as a movie or TV show. He had already purchased Volume 1, so he pointed to it and said, "Yes. The storyboards are already done."

So not only was this a financially successful fair (I sold multiple copies of Volume 1 and did some paid lightwork sessions) but I met and reconnected with incredible people! Cat discussed the idea of getting the comic book into libraries and has some connections that might be able to help along those lines.

QUITE THE DAY! I'm so glad I stayed just a little longer!

As soon as the fair was over, I packed up the van and headed west toward Sedona. It's finally time to move to my next destination and see if I can ingratiate myself with another incredible community. Here we go!

Farewell, dear Albuquerque... I shall return.

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