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Jazz Up Your Life with Judy Anderson

Two days before I began my full-time journey in my home-grown camper van, I had the opportunity to be a guest on Judy's live broadcast of Jazz up Your Life with Judy. In this appearance, she asked about The Final Lesson, removing the negative signature from emotional experiences, activating crystals, and my ayahuasca experience. At the end I gave a live Soul Essence Activation for everyone who tuned in.

The Final Lesson is a talk and workshop consisting of three years worth of downloads from my guides and the collectives I work with. In program descriptions, it is often explained like this, "The final lesson will clear the way so we can accomplish our goals unencumbered. It will help us remove blockages and negative self-talk. It will help us love ourselves and the world unconditionally and it will help us achieve inner peace. Join Xane as he teaches The Final Lesson from a conscious and subconscious perspective by intertwining his healing words with powerful activations that will ignite both hemispheres of the brain and expand your heart. You are invited to become the divine being you are destined to be!"

After the broadcast, I was able to give Judy a mini-session, and we removed the negative signature from the guilt and sadness that she was experiencing over a recent event in her life. She later said that it certainly "took the edge off!"

I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and a touch a new audience with words or powerful activations. This experience was one of those! I've received new lifelong friends and contacts as a direct result of appearing on Judy's show, and I look forward to the next time!

With only one full day before I hit the road, I have a lot to do! <3

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