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How to Release Negative Emotions

I recently had the opportunity to work with a client, we’ll call her Gabrielle, who I met in person a few weeks ago during my travels. At the time, we worked on a number of issues, including self-love, childhood traumas, and a number of statement activations. Yesterday, we did a 30-minute follow-up call because she was going through some new trauma.

She needed to take action and break up with her boyfriend, who is also the father of her children. This wasn't an easy decision, but she felt she had no choice, and so while she did take that action, she still felt terrible about it.

During a breakup, the dominant emotion is heartbreak. How can we describe this? We often feel it in our heart chakra as the center point, and we feel it throughout our entire body. The feeling can cloud judgement, make it hard to sleep, race the mind, de-appetize, sap your energy, and otherwise make you nearly non-functional. This is precisely what Gabrielle was experiencing.

I performed a Negative Signature Removal Activation for this feeling that Gabrielle was suffering from. The results were instantaneous. She couldn’t believe how much better she felt as soon as I said the word, “Awaken.”

She sent me this text the next day:

Normally I would be incessantly thinking about the future and all the obstacles ahead of me due to this breakup. After the activation, if a worried thought came to me, it didn’t cause me to react/ride it into anxiety mode. I’ve been amazingly clear-headed and slept last night as though nothing like this had actually happened at all.

Amazing! So what’s actually happening here?

All emotions are frequencies. Our bodies tune into the appropriate emotional frequency as determined by the situation. Our body receives instructions from the frequency so it can deliver the correct experience. The Negative Signature Removal Activation causes the recipient's body to instantaneously tune in to a different frequency that contains different instructions. That's why it works so fast. The new frequency is still part of the same emotional family, but a more positive version.

Instead of feeling the heaviness in the heart, clouded thoughts, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and loss of energy, there may just be a buzzing feeling in the heart, for example -- but a neutral or positive buzz -- not a negative one!

It's truly something worth experiencing.

Not long ago, I went through a similar breakup experience, so I was familiar with how Gabrielle must be feeling. This personal experience demonstrated to me that there’s more than just heartbreak involved in a breakup! Because when I removed it in myself (yes! I get to apply all of my activations to myself, thank goodness) I felt incredibly better, but the next day I noticed I was still feeling a negative emotional experience. Further exploration revealed that what I was feeling was a sense of loneliness. I had become accustomed to calling, texting, or seeing the woman I was dating multiple times throughout the day. When this ended, I felt that loss. Even though I wasn't feeling the heartbreak, I still yearned for that level of communication with someone.

I also felt a sense of inadequacy. The breakup had come with a list of reasons why I wasn't right for her. That made me feel like I wasn't good enough in general -- just because I couldn't satisfy this particular partner. So I questioned my own worth or value -- a totally natural response! That's why breakups are so difficult. There are so many emotions involved.

And sometimes, because we feel so badly from our negative emotional frequencies, we choose to get back together with our ex-partner just to relieve the suffering we've been experiencing -- whether that's a good idea or not!

This is why I just released a new Negative Signature Removal Pack in my download section on my website that contains four key solutions to emotional experiences you might feel from a breakup: Heartbreak, jealousy, inadequacy, and loneliness. Feel free to download the file here.

The reason I'm making these activations available on my website is that the best results are achieved when we receive the activation while we are experiencing the negative emotion. By downloading it, you can perform the activation on yourself when you feel it at any time. Otherwise, setting up a session with me could take days, and who wants to wait that long when you can't sleep or are really suffering? (It's also more cost effective for you to download the file than to set up a 30 or 60 minute session with me -- even though I'd love to work with you!)

And until 1/11/20, you can receive an 11% discount on any store purchase with Coupon Code: SELFLOVE

Thank you for reading. My goal is to relieve the suffering of the world so we can live in peace and love ourselves and all unconditionally. By reducing or eliminating negative experiences, this becomes so much easier to accomplish!

Saving the world, one person at a time! -- Even though the world doesn't actually need saving.

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