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Hello, Sedona!

This beautiful mesa was close to the Arizona border.

Got on the road and watched the landscape change as we traveled from New Mexico into Arizona. Maybe I should say that we would come upon interesting mesas, mountains, and hills. But it was always desert. 

Until we got off of Route 40 and started heading south to Sedona. This was a dramatic shift. It went from desert to pine forest, instantly.

Arizona Pine Forest - Unexpected!

During this day of travelling, I pulled over to take a little break and my phone rang. It was David from -- He was calling to accept my request to be a speaker at the International Symposium of Quantum Consciousness and Healing in Las Vegas April 3-5. I get two speaking slots, a table at the expo, and 10 VIP passes for friends/family. He said he'd wished he'd found me sooner, as he felt that I could have helped him on his spiritual journey. He listened to at least one of my YouTube talks and was excited to include me in his star-studded lineup.

Here's what my two talks will be about:

Soul Essence Activation

Join Xane as he awakens, invigorates, and powers your light body using his unique modality, Soul Essence Actvation. This group experience brings the best versions of your past incarnations forward into your current incarnation as it relates to your life's purpose. Using the sound of his voice and the power of the Hathors, Xane and his extra-dimensional support team will remove negative entity attachments, clear mental blocks, crystallize your DNA, dramatically raise your vibration, and enhance your divine feminine energy. If you are unfamiliar with Xane, this talk is the perfect introduction to his powerful energy healing modality and his high vibrational insight. Xane will tell his fascinating origin story from being raised by scientists and spending the majority of his life as a producer in the video game industry to an Ayahuasca experience that changed everything and set him on a path toward enlightenment.

Unconditional Love

The path to 5D goes through Unconditional Love. So many people on this path of ascension suffer because the world is suffering. This is the nature of life as an empath. When we see people being abused, we feel their emotional trauma. When we see animals being mistreated, we feel brutalized ourselves. How do we move past all of this abuse, suffering, trauma, and damage to the Earth to feel unconditional love for ourselves and for all, including the abusers? Join Xane Daniel as he delivers multiple downloads directly from the Hathors and the Ancients to help us reconcile the pain and find ways to truly love ourselves and the world unconditionally. Woven throughout the hour, Xane will perform multiple 5D activations to expand the heart and convince the subconscious that you deserve to love yourself truly, deeply -- and unconditionally.

With all of that taken care of, it's time to get back on the road!

Getting close to Sedona. Can you tell?

The arrival into Sedona was absolutely amazing. It's like there's a functioning town built right in the middle of a national park. Stunning, beautiful, powerful, and something that everyone should see. The beauty is ridiculous.

As seen from a street corner in Sedona

I got to swing by a couple of shops and met some local store owners. A crystal shop and an energy healer. I spent some time with the energy healer, Penny, and her brother. They both fawned over Whisper the entire time. Wonderful, sweet people. As often happens, Penny was sure she knew me. I find that familiarity to be an indication of one of two things -- either we recognize each others' empath nature, or we have actually shared a past life together. In this case, I think it was the empath recognition!

The beauty is ridiculous

After this, I went out to eat and retired to the van. I found parking on a street very close to the downtown shops, and it's totally acceptable for campers and RVs to park here, and one pulled up shortly after I arrived.

It's great to finally be here! I deeply look forward to my Sedona adventures over the next 3-4 weeks, and it all starts tomorrow with my photoshoot with Stacy Burk!

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