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Healing Young Adults in their Natural Habitat

I had no idea what I was getting into when I agreed to attend a Headbanger EDM show with my incredible psychic friend, Ellyna Janell. I hardly even knew what a Headbanger EDM show was, nor the healing that was about to transpire.

Ellyna on our way to the show. We happened to hop into a Lyft that had a Karaoke machine

First of all, EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. It covers a wide range of styles, but usually the performance of an EDM concert consists of a DJ playing booming electronic music backed by an incredible laser light or video show. And the headbanging part... I'd never heard of that associated with electronic music. In the 80s, headbanging was for fans of heavy metal -- never techno. I think most people today who weren't fans of this style of music would have called it "dub step." But I feel like that label has fallen by the wayside today.

Before we left Ellyna's apartment, she wanted me to wear something called a rave bracelet, just in case. (Just in case what, I wondered.)

We arrived later, so the party was already in mid-swing. And I have to say, I was simply in awe of it. The music, the visuals, and the crowd! OH THE CROWD! I've always been a big fan of events with large crowds that truly love what they are experiencing. It's the reason I've enjoyed sporting events, particularly American Football. When 60,000 people are all screaming in joy over the exact same thing I get a type of energy rush that I can't get elsewhere. It's the camraderie, the teamwork, the unity, and the love that I enjoy so much. This event was oozing with it!

These fans were going bonkers over the incredible event taking place. I had to shake my head multiple times over just how over-the-top it was. (Or should I say how litty it was.)

Here's a short video I took during the insanity of this concert. This is Boogie T performing:

As Ellyna and I found a place to stand to watch the performance, a nearby dancing neighbor noticed us and introduced herself.

It should be noted that these events are unique because participants are excited to meet each other. At most concerts I've been to, people go and don't really interact with the strangers around them. Not so here! EDM shows are part musical performance and part social gathering -- it's a giant, united, unconditional love fest! Right up my alley.

It became clear that our new friend, who introduced herself as Rica, (Like Costa Rica, she said) was going through some hard times. How did that become clear? Remember I told you that I had come to the event with my psychic friend, Ellyna, right? She had already intuitively identified and then verbalized to Rica the things that she knew Rica was going through and what Rica needed to heal and let go.

Rica's eyes widened, her jaw dropped, and she started crying, "What the heck?!? How did you know I needed to forgive my father??"

That's when Ellyna explained that she was a psychic and I was a mental/emotional healer, and that we could help her. I agreed to do it right there on the spot. While the music was blaring and people were dancing all around us.

I helped her love herself unconditionally and release the emotional burden she was carrying from her childhood. Rica cried. She cried because she could feel what we were doing for her. She was releasing. She was healing. She was being loved unconditionally.

She then introduced me to a spectacular rave ritual that I believe should be practiced by everyone, everywhere, in every day circumstances. It is the gifting of the rave bracelet that I mentioned earlier. Because I was already wearing one, Rica saw that she could do the ritual with me, and as you'll see in the video below, I got a crash course in how it works while Ellyna filmed it.

This is why I love the younger generation. The Millenials and Generation Z. They are the ones who are going to be transforming the world, and they've got a wonderful thing going with this culture. I have a great deal of love, and respect for this peaceful unity. Keep it up!

As soon as we felt that we had helped Rica sufficiently, I turned to Ellyna and said, "I want to just keep healing people all night." At which point, Rica turned back to us. She had heard what I said and she not only loved it, but she suggested that I just follow Ellyna around, and she would lead me to the people who needed my healing. It made perfect sense! The psychic will be able to identify the ones who need it -- and are ready to accept it!

So that's what we did. We snaked our way through the crowd for the next four hours, introducing ourselves to people, healing them, and moving on. It's so easy to do when you have a psychic wingman. She was able to walk up to strangers and say, "Your mother is sorry for what she did to you," and they would cry, or drop their jaws, or hang on every word. We healed so many people that night.

Ellyna and I at the event

At one point I was guided to remove all of the negative entity attachments at the event. I don't know how many people were there, but it had to be at least 600. During the group session a few days prior, Ellyna had shown me she was able to create portals and had used portals as a place to deposit negative entity attachments. So I asked her to create a large portal above the crowd. When I removed the attachments I knew that not everyone had given me permission, so those attachments wouldn't be removed. Only the ones that had served their purpose or whose higher selves had approved. I then activated everyone's halo chakras, and we were in business!

Not everyone was ready to be healed. Some people were still deep in their 3D issues, and while I felt a moment of sadness on their behalf, I knew they were on their own journey, and when they were ready, the right teacher, situation, or catalyst would come. I didn't need to feel responsible for bringing them to the light. They would find their own way. In the past I might have pushed too hard or felt compelled to really help them because they were obviously deeply suffering, but now I'm comfortable and content with allowing their lives to unfold with divinity and grace. You never know! Maybe I'll see them again someday as transformed beings of light.

Throughout the night, we met so many great people, and we collected some great contacts. These folks will likely be lifelong friends! Especially Rica and another raver named Marquis. Marquis explained that he's been having trouble fitting in because he knew he had a bigger role in this world, but didn't know what it was, and was having trouble relating to normal people. The activations we gave him brought him into awareness of his spiritual gifts. He was so ready! He could feel it all. His whole body lit up and he expressed his gratitude and his excitement over his newfound gifts. You'll probably be hearing me talk about Marquis over the coming months as he learns more about what he can do and how we'll be working together.

What an incredible night. Insane music. Beautiful visuals. Spiritual healing. And new friends. I had no idea how going to a concert could change so many people's lives!

After that night, my mission has never been more clear: Save the world, one person at a time -- even a world that doesn't actually need saving. <3

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Misty Senters
Misty Senters
24 déc. 2019

I love,love,love this post!!!! Keep up the amazing work my dear friend. ♡ Together we all can transform this world from every corner. Unity for utopia!

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