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What a Powerful Being I Got to Work with Today

Not only is Sedona surrounded by massive monoliths and mountains, but they are absolutely beautiful monoliths and mountains. I often find myself shaking my head at the scale of the beauty -- and how the city is just smack-dab in the middle of it all!

Street Lights backed by impossible scenes of beauty.

Oh, and look at that photo! Full sun! Finally. It's like I've been robbed of the perfect Arizona weather that I was promised. :P

I had an incredible session this morning with Alfredo (he gave me permission to disclose his name.) Here was a guy who had an incredible energy. Powerful. Peaceful. God-like. Yet he didn't really realize it. He's very early in his ascension process and he booked a session with me because he wanted to work with Awakener.

In 2018, the 9th-dimensional Pleaidians (channeled by Veronica Avelin) told me they were happy to see me again, and they called me Awakener. They told me that I have brought my awakening technology to many different worlds in many incarnations, and they were pleased that I was here again.

Alfredo knew he must have powerful gifts, but he didn't know anything about what they were. He didn't know how to access them, and he struggled with meditation. He said that people would often come to him for healing help, but he didn't know how to help them. He didn't believe he could.

He wanted to believe.

It was perfect. We did a handful of statement activations to begin the process of him BELIEVING in himself:

  • I trust in my spiritual power

  • It's easy for me to talk to the master (the aspect of you that has all the answers!)

  • It's easy for me to pull from the unlimited resources of the universe

  • I love myself uncontionally (He almost did already, but I wanted to put him over the top.)

He had a lot of fear of failure, and it had manifested itself as a weight between his Heart Chakra and his Solar Plexus. So I did a burden release activation that removed that physiological experience.

As we continued to talk, I taught him about the child, the master, and the adult. It was clear that he had spent a lot of his time as the adult and hadn't really allowed the master to shine through. I gave him lessons on how to talk to it, and how it is essentially the same as meditation.

Near the end of our session, I was still feeling a burden from him. He takes on so much. He's very responsible and lots of people depend on him. That's a weight that he holds on to. I described it like this.

Sometimes we find ourselves clenching our abdominal muscles, as if we are trying to keep our organs from floating out of our body. There's no reason to do this! They will stay in place just fine on their own. RELAX!!

So I did another activation to help him understand that everything will be taken care of. He doesn't have to weigh himself down with all this. It will all work out. He was also trying to protect himself and the people he cared about -- too much. He doesn't have to worry about that so much. He will be provided for. He will be safe. He will be comfortable. He can let go and be free.

Before I activated the chakras above his crown, I took him on a meditation where I was seeing him levitating right off the ground. Then I could see him floating through the universe. Free. Buoyed by his own incredible power. And then I saw that he wasn't floating in the universe anymore. The universe was floating inside him.

After the guided meditation was over, he explained that I was describing everything he was seeing himself just a few moments after he saw it. It was like I was Emceeing his experience. I love it when that happens, and when it does, I feel a strong connection to the Ancients. This is the collective of the ancient civilizations of Earth -- the shamans who perfected the art of administering Ayahuasca. The shared visions are reminiscent of that plant medicine. I'm always honored to be a part of that tradition, even without the medicine itself.

When we hung up he said he was having trouble holding back his emotions after all the energy he experienced during our session. He laughed because he was to go into a business meeting as soon as he hung up. I hope he held it together!

After this session was complete, I headed over to the Sedona Creative Life Center for Ethann Fox and Micheila Sheldan's workshop. I enjoyed my opportunity to see them again and meet more people who had traveled far to see this event. I found it interesting that I didn't meet a single Sedona local. Sure, there were some from other parts of Arizona, but not the very city we were in. When I brought this up to Micheila, she confirmed it. She said that none (or few) of the locals came to their events after the first one. How strange.

Micheila Channelling

But it's all starting to make sense. There are Metaphysical SUPERSTORES here in Sedona. Psychics in every strip mall! This region is inundated. And I'm guessing the locals are overly saturated with it. The rest of the country (or the world) is starving for it, but not here! Why would the locals feel the need to come to an event like this? They've probably heard it all, and don't want to spend any more time or money on it.

Maybe I'm making generalizations, but I think there's some truth to what I'm saying. It's like going to Hollywood and trying to make it as an actor. Everyone's an actor! Every waiter or parking lot attendant is trying to get discovered. It seems to be the same thing here. Everyone I've talked to, no matter what their profession, they say, "Oh yeah, I'm a lightworker, too."

So maybe this isn't the place to hold a talk or workshop. It might actually be the last place I want to try to integrate myself -- at least for now. It's making me consider leaving sooner than I'd originally planned. The weather forecast is making this decision seem wise as well. It's supposed to be cold here for the next few weeks, which is still better than Chicago, but running my furnace all the time really burns through the propane quick.

Phoenix, anyone?

While sitting in the audience, a gentlemen in front of me turned around and was excited to see I was there. He'd seen my videos and started telling others about how I can activate crystals. He'd seen his crystals physically change in front of his eyes when he used my videos to activate them. So that was cool. During a break, I also pulled him aside because I detected he had a negative entity attachment. I quickly removed it for him and he felt it happen.

Another wonderful lady, Sandy, came up to me after the event was over and introduced herself. She asked me where I was headed next, and when I said I wanted to be in San Diego by Christmas, she was delighted. That's where she lives, and she knows of a venue that would be open to hosting me there. So we're going to work together to set up a workshop in San Diego. She was super enthusiastic, which made me excited for the possibility!

Tomorrow is another day of Ethann and Micheila's workshops. I'm particularly looking forward to Ethann's because he likes to bridge the 3D society in general to what a 4D and 5D society might look like. So I will attend both workshops and decide if Phoenix is in my near future...

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