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Great Calls, Great Podcast, Great Group

A had a lot of wonderful calls over the weekend about RIGHTEOUS, an excellent podcast interview with Chance Garton's Innerverse, and an joyous online group session with Heidi Murdock's spiritual group.

I'm doing very little travelling at the moment as I've holed up at my friend Doug's house for the past week. It's been working out really well for Whisper, being able to take a shower whenever I want, take advantage of a large fridge, a large sink, and a full stove. I find that I'm enjoying the modern conveniences, but I hadn't missed them when I was in the van, either.

Thanks to my friend Ellyna Janell, I now have another live group session before Christmas! This one will be in Las Vegas on the 18th of December. Full announcements for this will be made during the day Monday, December 9th.

I was able to have extended conversations with Lauren Henry, TV show producer extraordinaire about the RIGHTEOUS pitch. We're getting her proposal for the pitch finalized in a contract with a late spring delivery. I also got to have a groundwork conversation with Michelle Belmont, writer and actress, so she has some homework to do to help with some aspects of the RIGHTEOUS story beyond Chapter 16.

Chance Garton, host of the Innerverse Podcast

Chance Garton and I had another fascinating Podcast recording where we discussed RIGHTEOUS in more detail, a quick summary of the Final Lesson and how that can effect your life and the way you look at the world, past lives and incarnations, and I gave a live burden release activation. Lots of great topics and hopefully great information for his audience! This episode will likely be released in early January. More info to come on that!

Just a few hours ago I was blessed to be able to appear during Heidi Murdock's online spiritual gathering and give group activations to attendees. I removed a negative entity attachment from one of their group members, performed a burden release activation for any physiological pains from emotional trauma or issues, a motivation activation, and finally a statement activation for, "I am aligned with the energy of money."

The motivation activation was new. Heidi had originally booked me to perform the money alignment statement activation, but when I was about to give it, my guides took over and I proceeded to coach them on how to embrace their motivations and do that thing they've been wanting to do for a while now. I'll go into more detail on this for a blog update in the coming week, but suffice it to say some good information came through that I think everyone could benefit from.

Thanks for reading this catch-up blog post. More detailed insight coming this week!

I love you unconditionally.

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