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Extracting a Chaos Soul on 11/11

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Before my last session tonight at 5pm, I was thinking, "Huh. Today's Blog entry is going to be a bit boring." I was thinking it would look something like this:

Still in Albuquerque. Nothing much happened today. Long walk with Whisper. Took a nap. Did a little computer work. Made food. I didn't even take a picture today. I did a session with a nice lady who found me through the Judy Anderson interview. It went well.

And then I got on the call with Carol. (Name changed to protect the innocent)

She started off by saying that she was born depressed.

She's been suicidal her entire life (and she's in her 60s.) She suffers from PTSD. She has gone to countless therapists, energy healers, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists and she's done almost all of the plant medicines, including Ayahuasca at Rythmia, MDMA, Ketamine, DMT -- those were just the ones she told me. In every case, she either experienced NOTHING (like the four nights on Ayahuasca) or she experienced very strange visions.

On Katemine, she was on a metal planet, and she was a robot. All alone. No feeling. No nothing. An empty world. She experienced this same world even during different therapeutic katamine sessions. She said it was the only time the administrators had ever seen it "not work" after over 250 patients. She'd had negative attachments removed by shamans and healers and it had done nothing. The very first time she felt any improvement at all was on her third acupuncture session, she went from feeling suicidal to not wanting to kill herself constantly. She celebrated the fact that she was finally just plain unhappy, not suicidal.

Wow. At first I didn't have any idea what to do. What could *I* do that nobody else had been able to?

I checked, and sure enough, she had a negative entity attachment. And I said, "I'm hoping that you just have a really powerful negative entity attachment at your foundation. So when people have removed your attachments in the past, they didn't get to the core one."

And then it hit me.

She had a chaos soul.

I don't talk about this very much, but earlier in 2019 I discovered that I have the ability to extract a person's soul and replace it with a different one. If you've heard of a "walk-in" that's a situation where a new soul associates itself with a particular incarnation during the incarnation's lifetime.

That is essentially what this series of activations does.

Like the Soul Essence Activation, the Spirit of Ayahuasca taught me how to do this. I need permission from the incarnation and the only souls that can be extracted are the ones who are already done with their mission or they are chaos in nature. A chaos soul or soul fragment is one that just wants to wreak havoc here on Earth. And since this particular Earth is so screwed up with so much abuse and destruction, it's easy for chaos souls to come here and create more chaos. Some have said that 25% of humans have chaos souls. I just don't run into them in this field very much. They usually aren't interested in spiritual work, so they don't seek me out.

The process for removing the soul requires a full Soul Essence Activation with tonal work. When I reach the crown chakra, I set the intention to remove the chaos soul, and then I have to call forth a new soul to take the spot.

After explaining all of this to Carol, she agreed to go through the procedure. It resonated with her after all that she'd been through. To be "born depressed" is a huge indicator!

When I got to the crown chakra, I set my intention and the energetic feedback I received was off the charts. It was happening! Then I immediately yelled at the top of my lungs. This was calling for the replacement. It came quickly and took its place. I then activated the halo chakra to "seal her up." and it was complete.

She felt different. Lighter. Happier. When we tested for sentences like, "I love myself unconditionally" they came out strong without addressing them directly! The new soul was the only difference.

She's going to stay in contact with me to let me know how things go. I'm super hopeful and excited for her.

Happy Birthday, new soul! Happy 11/11
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