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Do you Love Yourself Unconditionally?

Say the sentence out loud right now, "I Love myself Unconditionally."

How did it feel? Did it feel like a lie? Did you feel it deep in your being? Did it feel hollow? Neutral? If it felt like a lie, then your whole brain doesn't believe it. But if it felt good -- if it felt right -- then your left brain (logical) definitely believes the statement. But the right brain, and even the heart, still might not. This can happen because the right brain is harder to convince and harder to tap into. Even if you know you should love yourself unconditionally doesn't mean that your emotional hemisphere agrees. That's the magic of activations. We can convince the whole brain and the heart that the statement is absolutely true! And that's what today's session was all about.

A friend of mine reached out to me for an impromptu session on Sunday. For the purposes of my blog, she gave me permission to talk about her anonymously, so we'll call her Eloise to honor that. Like so many people who come to me, Eloise is a powerful empath, but she hasn't spent much of her time dedicated to learning, practicing, or honing her gifts.

Though we've been friends for a while, I haven't given her a session in a few years and I've learned so much since then! I was overjoyed to be able to offer her some relief and new expansion. Eloise has been suffering recently because her children have been struggling in many areas, and she's also been suffering from in-law family drama -- particularly their open disapproval of her.

When I asked her to say the sentences, "I love myself unconditionally" and "I am a great Mom," the tears came. She didn't love herself and she definitely didn't think she was a good Mom! This was a painful admission. She also described the mental / emotional burden as pains in her heart, her solar plexus and stomach. It was serious -- especially because she had just been verbally attacked by her in-laws on Thanksgiving day. She had been agonizing over this all weekend. It was even affecting her sleep.

As a starting point, I gave her a Statement Activation for, "I love myself unconditionally." This is the most important activation you can ever receive. I can't overstate how significant it is. Every thought, every decision, every moment is deeply affected by this internal truth.

Does your whole brain and heart really believe that you love yourself unconditionally?

If the answer is no, then you will have more negative thoughts, you will judge yourself harshly, you'll have self doubt, you'll make decisions that sabotage your life, you'll give up more easily, and you'll be desperate for love from others to fill that hole in you heart.

If the answer is yes, then those deep breaths you take will be stronger, more fulfilling, and truly relaxing. You'll look at yourself as the perfect being you truly are. You'll be able to freely love others because you won't be desperate for them to love you. You'll stop judging people harshly because you won't be judging yourself with the same scrutiny.

From here, everything else gets easier.

This is the exact result in today's session. Eloise was ready. She wanted relief from the strife and pain she was experiencing. During the activation, she saw a bright green light, and she felt a sense of relief and confidence wash over her.

Once the "I love myself unconditionally" statement was activated, everything fell into place. The sentence, "I am a great mother" came out stronger -- before we did an activation specifically targeting it. The burden she was feeling from her in-laws was harder to conjure up already -- again, before we released it with an activation. That's how powerful your unconditional love of self truly is!

Loving yourself unconditionally is everything. And the activations convince the right brain and the heart that the statement is true. If I could do this for everyone in the world, I'm quite sure we'd see a huge shift in society! It certainly helped Eloise today. She said she was buzzing and excited to tell her husband about what she had experienced. I've already gotten word that he's going to be booking a session with me for this week, too. Hooray! I love helping people love themselves! I can't think of a more fulfilling role in society...

My Journey Takes a Thanksgiving Break

I'm still here in Phoenix, and this holiday weekend I spent mostly with my old college friend Doug. And it's gone well -- mostly. The one hiccup was concerning Whisper. Unfortunately, Doug lives in a rental property that doesn't allow dogs. We were hoping that Whisper as a guest for a few days wouldn't be a major issue -- and it hasn't been -- except for one incident. Shortly after we arrived, Whisper vomited right in the middle of the living room on the light beige carpet! So Doug and I got to spend a lot of time cleaning and even renting a carpet cleaner to take care of it. Luckily, it came out just fine! Just a heap of unexpected hard work. Thankfully, Doug loves Whisper to death, and he's a great sport, insisting that he wanted to shampoo the carpets anyway. Whisper must have heard his thoughts and kindly obliged his request!

Otherwise, Doug and I have had a nice time relaxing, playing board games, cooking, eating take-out, watching some shows, and otherwise catching up after over 10 years of not being in each others' lives. While Doug travels for work this week, I'll get back to the grind of self-promotion (not my favorite thing), more sessions (yay!), and recording some more activations that I'll make available for download in my store (double yay!) More on this later in the week!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for liking, commenting, and sharing my Social Media posts. Every time you do it helps me help more people who need it!

See you next time, my amazing friends. I love you unconditionally!

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