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Desire is a Lower Vibrational Emotion

Desire is the foundation of our lives here on this planet -- in our current incarnation. Desires guide us to survive! We eat, drink, eliminate, procreate and rest based on pre-programmed desires that have been passed down through our ancestors. It's clear that other mammals, reptiles, crustaceans and even microscopic organisms have desires that tell them how to behave and how to survive.

So why is desire a lower vibrational emotion? If you desire something that you do not have -- whether it be a physical possession, a romantic partner, your life's purpose, or a better job -- that means you are telling the Universe that you are unhappy with what you currently have! That this life you've been given -- that you signed up for -- is not enough.

When you exist in a state of not having enough, you are existing in a state of scarcity. And scarcity is simply focusing on all that you do not have rather than focusing on all that you do. Conversely, feeling abundant is merely focusing on all that you do have. And this is the path to gratitude, acceptance, and joy/bliss.

Another way we feel desire is desiring not to have something. I do not want to be sad. I do not want a short temper. I do not want to suffer. I do not want to be alone. I do not want to be homeless. Spirituality 101 states that if you focus on what you do not want, you are essentially telling the universe that you would prefer it! The Universe can't tell the difference between want and not want.

And with all that said, isn't it interesting that we hardly ever say, "I do not want to desire?"

(Look out! I found a Meme Generator I like...)

And the desiring of not having desire would be a desire as well! Uh oh. Mind blow.

Am I saying that you should eliminate desire completely from your life? No. If you did, you'd be a monk in Tibet who exists in a mummified state after reaching enlightenment and leaving his/her body behind. Instead, I'm suggesting that you become aware of it!

Should you do so, you'll finally move into a place where DESIRE is not your master. It is not greater than you. You will be able to choose whether to subscribe to it or not.

We discuss this a lot more in my online class, but here's the gist of how you exhibit mastery over desire:

Recognize it.

Every time you have the feeling of desire, acknowledge it. See yourself having it. Observe yourself from an external perspective. Call yourself by your name! Say, "Wow, Xane just had another desire! Look at how much he desires this one! He can feel it in his chest -- in his shoulders. Man, he really wants it!" And every time you acknowledge your desires, (and you'll surprise yourself by how many desires you have in a day -- no -- an hour) you are then given a choice:

"Do I want to desire that, or do I want to accept the opposite -- which is what I currently have?"

The act of desiring something is the act of not having it. If you are angry, but you desire to not be angry, then you are still angry! You're just wishing you weren't. If you desire to not be angry, but you still are, then stop desiring it and start working on ways to cease the behavior.

If you want something you don't have, you'll spend your life wanting... instead of living.

This, and so much more coming up in my class, Defaulting to Happy: Feel Joyful, Peaceful, and Unflappable every Single Day.

I hope you'll join me. It's going to be one of those classes where you can re-watch it over and over again and still get something new out of it. (Plus you get every single activation that I ever give or have ever given! It's a lot.)

Thanks for reading! I love you unconditionally.

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