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Defeating the Corona Virus with LOVE

I'm super excited about my online course, "Defaulting to Happy," and I today was my first class! A few months ago I was realizing that the answers to questions like, "How can I overcome my emotional trauma" and, "how can I stay positive in a negative world," or, "How can you possibly love all unconditionally?" were not easy to answer! There was no quick, 5-minute response I could give any of those questions and provide any kind of breakthrough or great satisfaction to those who asked!

That's why the class had to be created. Instead of 5 minutes, I get 12 hours! Of explanation, activations, and a sequence of foundation points to build upon! And fortunately, my class is online -- so I didn't have to cancel it due to the Corona Virus.

OK. Let's talk a little about the Corona Virus. How could we NOT??

Is it as serious as everyone is talking about? When you bypass the standard media and see interviews of medical professionals on podcasts like Joe Rogan -- where they actually have time to talk and give more explanation -- the situation seems legitimately concerning. If you think about it, these medical professionals are concerned for all people. Not just the young, not just the healthy. They are worried for the elderly. They are worried for the obese and the people with health conditions. They are also worried because they don't have enough hospital beds in the ICU.

I've recently seen a letter from Bruce H. Lipton. And I kind of don't agree with what he's saying. He's downplaying the disease to help people with their fear. And sure, if you are not of a certain age or have a certain medical condition, you should rest assured that you are likely not going to perish. However, I don't like how he and others are saying that it is being overblown. The fact is, it is considerably worse than the flu. It's 10-20 times worse. Some people who survive it say that it's one of the worst experiences they've had in their lives. (For others, it's just like a normal cold, but that doesn't mean we should downplay those who have serious symptoms.)

The NBA suspended its season. Major events are being cancelled all over the planet. Together, the world is doing something to try to protect the elderly and those with medical conditions. It's an effort of love from the medical and world community. Not of panic.

It's unfortunate because we've been so accustomed to the network news media overblowing everything that we've become de-sensitized. They have been crying wolf for so long, they've gotten themselves in a bit of a pickle. Now we roll our eyes at the fear du jour, and that could be a problem.

This is a very interesting experience we are all going through right now in this amazing 3D world. So much is going to come from it!

First of all, you should remain very confident that you are going to be fine. This is where Bruce Lipton is right! If you believe you are going to die, then you are pre-programming your immune response with this concern. If you know you are going to be fine, you are bolstering your resistance and preparing to kick some virus butt!

But let's look at this from Bashar's perspective. (Daryl Anka channels Bashar. He's an extradimensional being that lives in a society that is based on synchronicity.) And what do they say when something goes wrong in their synchronistic society?

"OH YAY! Isn't this great?"

Huh? Why would they say this? Because they know that when something goes wrong, that something amazing is going to come as a direct result. It's clearing the way for something new -- or paving it. And if the event is large enough, it means a paradigm shift is possible.

Aren't we due for a paradigm shift right about now?

Here's something that I believe could bring about the synchronicity we've been waiting for: The status quo is being challenged and we are being forced to respond, acting as quickly as possible to adjust to this rapidly changing situation. Cancelling travel, cancelling sporting events, public events, and making people live in the moment (gasp!) and be more conscious of their decision-making. That's a very good thing. It can bring epiphanies. It can be a catalyst for awakening!

And when we see that we can change the paradigm -- that we can make the conscious changes we need to in a large, unwieldy, and greedy society -- then what else will we be able to accomplish?

Anything we want to!

And if we are unable to respond and change the paradigm without the unnecessary deaths of millions of people, then we'll see that we must change so that we can face the challenges of the future.

The best advice I have for you? When you can't decide what action to take, ask LOVE. "What should I do? for Love?" -- not for Fear (the obvious opposite of love.) Would the action that I take possibly spread the disease to those who cannot handle it? Then maybe I shouldn't take that action, even though I really want to. Would the action that I take possibly help people? Then I should do it. When you watch the latest updates on the virus, ask yourself, "Is this choice that's being made -- is it for love?" And if so, no matter how strange, unnecessary, or ridiculous it sounds, then relax! It's the best decision we can make at this time.

If we use unconditional love as our guidance system and our primary emotional force, then we'll make incredible decisions as individuals and as a society. And we'll do it for those who are most susceptible to the disease. And whether we succeed or not, we'll know we did it for the right reasons.

For Love.

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