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Conscious Life Expo Results

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

My first Conscious Life Expo appearance went very well. What an honor it was to be among some of our movement's most popular, high-vibrational, and interesting speakers. Russell Brand, Daryl Anka (Bashar), Gregg Braden, David "Avocado" Wolfe, Paul Selig, and so many more.

The Conscious Life Expo is the largest conference of its kind in the world, and I heard reports that 15,000 people came through the doors over the four incredible days! As this movement continues to grow, I'm sure these numbers will continue to grow as well! So much more to say, learn, and experience in this exciting world.

My talk focused on our emotional experience as humans on this paradise planet. I expressed how the terrestrial emotions are the main reason we are here, and how they pale in comparison to unconditional love. However, as these limited beings, the terrestrial emotions feel like mountains and unconditional love is often hidden from us -- because it's not necessary for survival!

It was also a great experience to sell RIGHTEOUS at this event. It received an excellent response, and I had a great time expressing what it is to people who had never heard of it before. A few new speaking points came up...

We currently live in a fear-based society -- the lowest vibrational emotional experience -- and our incentive program (capitalism) incentivizes us to work and make money so that we survive. And survival is a fear-based act. So not only do we subscribe to fear, our societal systems play into that! RIGHTEOUS, on the other hand, builds a society based on helping each other -- which is a society based on Unconditional Love -- which is the highest vibrational emotional experience we can have. So not only is the comic book series an instruction manual on a Utopian society, but it's an instruction manual on moving from a low-vibrational society to a high-vibrational one!

While I knew all of this, I never had articulated it quite like that until this weekend. It's amazing how much you can continue to learn about your own projects! In the end, RIGHTEOUS gained some new fans, and I also met two artists who are going to be gracing us with their artwork on upcoming chapter covers! Beautiful artwork and amazing people: Anja and Sami!

I had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic people, including my new friend Liberty, who helped me lock down two radio appearances over the next few weeks. She has a super interesting story that I hope I get to tell soon. We did a few sessions on-the-spot at the expo and I'm excited to see how things go for her. More on that later (with her permission of course!) And more on the radio appearances, too!

I'll also be releasing some snippets from my talk at the Conscious Life Expo on my YouTube Channel soon. If you haven't already subscribed, I'd encourage you to do so now!

Thanks for reading. So much more to come!

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