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Charity for the Local Community

Met with Michelle first thing in the morning. We worked out some details of the two upcoming events. During Tomorrow's Psychic Fair, I'll have a healing table and on Friday evening, November 15th at 7pm, I'll be doing a 90-minute talk, activation, and individual healings.

She asked me to attend a Spirit Circle at 1pm today, so I went back to cook myself some food before returning. The Spirit Circle was intimate with 6 people in a tight circle. A very nice lady was there, Alana. She said she recognized me, but couldn't figure out where. We got along well and I felt she looked familiar, too.  Overall it was a nice little gathering, led by a woman who is a medium and received contact from the deceased for a few people in the circle.

After this event, I took Whisper on a nice long walk around a residential area and took some interesting pictures.

The desert has such interesting flora.

Throughout the day I realized that there's one major geological landmark here in Albuquerque. On the east side of the town, there's a mountain range. In every other direction, it's flat. That's a handy compass point.

The Sandia Mountain Range (I think)

I was feeling social and energized, so I turned to the internet for ideas. I was able to find something called "Friendsgiving" -- a charity dinner at a local restaurant -- not too far away. (I would later learn that Albuquerque is kinda small enough that everything is "not too far away.)

There were a number of people already there when I arrived, so I walked around asking if I could join random people. I'm not sitting by myself at a charity event! So I sat and had a nice time with Scott and Carolyn. Scott had lived in Albuquerque his entire life, but his wife was from Massachusetts. I gave them my story as well, and they were excited for my journey. Like many, they didn't know anything about lightwork, but they had at least HEARD of Reiki.

The community event became ever more communal as another couple joined us, and we had a grand time. The food was tasty, and it was great to participate in a good cause -- a food drive for the less fortunate. It was a well-attended event, as well.

During my dinner I asked the locals, "If you were me, where would you park your van tonight?" And after some debate and discussion, they suggested I come to White Wash Trailhead. As I write this blog, I'm sitting part of the way up the mountain overlooking the twinkling lights of the city of Albuquerque at the White Wash Trailhead. On one side, a mountain face. On the other, a view of the city from an impressive vantage point. Pictures don't do it justice, but this will have to do:

Another successful day on my journey.

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