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Breathwork Workshop at the Shrine of Holy Wisdom

Tonight I had an opportunity to visit the venue I'll be speaking at next week. The Shrine of Holy Wisdom in Tempe, Arizona.

It's a very impressive, colorful space! I'm honored and excited to be bringing my friends, the Hathors, there to participate in a talk and group activation for my human friends!

Why do I travel around the continent in my camper van, giving talks and appearing in conferences? Because I know that every single person who participates in a Soul Essence Activation or one of my talks about unconditional love or the sentence, "I am Source," has the potential for a life-changing experience. I feel it's my duty to provide it. My goal is to help awaken or unburden the population of the world so that their path to ascension and awakening is clear and easy -- or at least as easy as possible. But that's not my ultimate goal.

My ultimate goal is to help usher in a new, Utopian society. My comic book, RIGHTEOUS, is an instruction manual on how to accomplish this. The Soul Essence Activation and my private sessions clear the way to make the instruction manual easier to follow. The talks that I give help clear blockages from the left hemisphere -- the logical mind -- to be able to look at the comic book as an instruction manual rather than just a piece of enjoyable entertainment.

It all plays together as a concert. An orchestrated creation -- to accomplish my ultimate goal. An incredible civilization!

Colter Smith at the Shrine performing a breathwork workshop

Something magical happened tonight when I attended Colter Smith's Breath Workshop. I've never participated in breathwork before, and I was amazed by my experience. As a participant in many Ayahuasca ceremonies, I was struck by how similar it was. While there were no visuals (for me) that I often see during Ayahuasca, the feeling was similar. I truly believe that I had a clearer bridge to my guides during this time. It wasn't as strong as Ayahuasca, but it was stronger than just meditation. A nice in-between experience!

The presence of my guides was very familiar. And I feel that my intentions that I set before the experience began may have been achieved. One of them was physical, and the other was mental. I had a bit of an epiphany as I laid down to begin the breathwork, and that epiphany resulted in one of my intentions.

If you've never done an intense breathwork session before, I highly recommend it. And if you are Phoenix/Tempe local, I highly recommend Colter's workshops -- especially at the Shrine of Holy Wisdom! Check out Colter's Meetup Group!

Thanks again for reading, and if you would like to keep up with my blog, I encourage you to create an account here on my website so you can be notified of any updates. (See upper right corner of the screen to create an account) This will also allow you to comment on my posts!

I love you unconditionally.

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1 Comment

Alana Woods
Alana Woods
Dec 09, 2019

I thought he would be a great friend for you ! Happy for your journey....amazing what you are doing and I can say ...remember you when ... WOW.. love eternal

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