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Big Synchronicity during the Photoshoot

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

A dreary, rainy day kept me trapped inside the van, doing computer work and meditating. I had my photoshoot scheduled for 3:30pm. Why a photoshoot? I had the brilliant idea while I was in Albuquerque that I should create a new cover photo for my blog and get some new shots to add to my website and other materials. So the time had come. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day, so it wasn't ideal -- but Stacy Burk assured me it would all work out just fine!

I had a great time with Stacy Burk and his partner, Nitzia

They were both awesome and fun to hang with. We even did a crazy shot where we stopped traffic to get me standing in front of my van for a Travel Blog cover photo.

Stacy did some Photoshop magic to help make this scene look better than it did in real life. Wow.

When we stepped out onto a giant, incredible rock outcropping that showed beautiful views all around us, who did we see but Ethann Fox and Micheila Sheldan enjoying the views themselves! Whoa. Synchronicity.

They were pretty far away when I first set foot out there, but I immediately recognized Ethann. I thought *maybe* it was just someone who looked like him, because from my angle, it didn't look like Micheila. They didn't see me at first, so I just tried to pay attention to the photographer as we got set up to take the first few photos.

Who did we see but Ethann Fox and Micheila Sheldan enjoying the views themselves!

As soon as Micheila turned around, I knew it was her and I yelled out, "Oh my gosh, you've got to be kidding me!" It was a fun and shocking reunion! I knew they were going to be in town for their weekend workshops, but those don't start until Friday, and today is Tuesday. I really didn't expect them to be here all week. They were in awe the whole time, saying that they hadn't intended to show up in that exact spot. They were out wondering and happened upon it. We were all struck by the powerful synchronicity.

Ethann extended a warm invitation for me to attend the Friday and Saturday workshops, which I'd planned on doing anyway. Looking forward to it. 

Ethann, Micheila, and I from January 2019

The photoshoot was challenging and rewarding. Whisper was out there with me, and there were times when she actually cooperated. That's a bit unusual. She always seems to recognize the camera and duck her head or look away. We had plenty of shots with her and some without her. I've seen a few through the camera lens, and I love them! I'm excited to see what the rest look like.

The rain is supposed to continue for the next few days, which gives me an excuse to do some computer work and record more activations as downloads for the website. I also have some online sessions this week, so I'm looking forward to healing and transforming lives! Let's do this!

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