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Benefits of Opening the Chakras Above the Crown

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I had the immense pleasure of working with Juhl McIntyre today! She's working hard to discover, expand and explore her gifts so that she can help the world and live a life of purpose and fulfillment!

Activating the chakras above the crown is an excellent way to activate latent abilities or enhance existing ones because each of the chakras is associated with a different ability or provides access to a different vibrational frequency.

Unfortunately, there is no mutually agreed-upon naming, numbering, or coloring system for the chakras above the crown. If you research it online you'll find different results from different sources.

And the information I have gleaned from my own channeling combined with friends who channeled information about these chakras while I activated theirs, is very different than you might find anywhere else.

Something to note: We Americans often say SHOCKRA when we should be saying CHOKRA. The CH sound should be pronounced as in CHERRY. This is the Sanskrit pronunciation and we can honor that pronunciation with little difficulty.

Here's the breakdown that I use and have seen verification from others:

Halo Chakra

This is the chakra that I activate most frequently. Any time I remove a negative entity attachment, I activate this chakra, which is right above the crown. It offers protection against these types of entities and energies returning, and it also wards off night terrors, visions of apparitions, and other inexplicable negative experiences. It also is associated with terrestrial animals (spirit animals) and our ability to communicate with them.

In one of the most evident cases of the power of the halo chakra, there was a young girl who was having night terrors so severe that she would run screaming through her house at night and other members of the household reported seeing ghostly apparitions, inexplicable noises, and other paranormal activity. After I activated her halo chakra -- and I did this remotely with no interaction with her at all (except her permission) -- her night terrors stopped and other members of the household reported seeing no more signs of paranormal activity.

Akashic Chakra

This is the connection between lifetimes and timelines. Those who have their Akashic chakra activated find it much easier to access the information contained therein. This is also the gateway to channeling and journeying. Astral projection is accessed through this chakra, and it's an easy gateway for us to access parallel realities and other states of consciousness. This is also where we access our personal guides.

Having activated this chakra for psychics in the past, these psychics have reported additional ease in reaching information about past lives and soul contracts.

Angelic Chakra

The 10th chakra, this one and the next two are considered to be in a cluster and don't differ from each other greatly. They each offer access to different levels of the spirit realm. The Angelic chakra has this name because we can access the angelics, archangels and ascended masters from this chakra.

Star Family Chakra

The 11th chakra allows us to access absolutely everything to do with our higher self, including the other incarnates associated with our higher selves. This is the galaxy of our essence.

Galactic Collective Chakra

The final chakra in the cluster of three, the 12th chakra allows us to gain access to all of the galactic collectives and all of the higher dimensional realms.

Source Chakra

The 13th chakra is situated high above the Galactic Collective chakra and it helps us recognize that We are Source. This is how we feel this truth. This is also considered the Universal Unity Chakra. Most research I've done does not show a 13th chakra. Most end at 12. At the same time, there are an infinite number of chakras in and around the body, but for our limited 3-dimensional brains, the list of 12 or 13 works because these are the most prominent.

Most of the time when I extend the Soul Essence Activation to work with the chakras above the crown, I tend to activate all of them, so getting extended proof on what each one does has been difficult -- and not important. When I'm working with someone I want them to receive the maximum benefit!

I'm excited to hear the results of Juhl's activations. She's well on her way to being a powerful lightworker! I'll update you as I learn more. :)

Thank you for reading! Please let me know if there are any topics you'd like for me to cover! I do take requests.

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1 Comment

Alana Woods
Alana Woods
Jan 23, 2020

Xane I am interested in the halo chakra idea.! /write some more!

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