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Andara Crystals and their Grid Keeper

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

I was first introduced to Andara crystals after meeting the happy and confident Rick Talley at the Awake and Empowered Expo in August of 2019. He approached me because he heard that I gave activations to crystals and was guided to have me activate one of his. But before we get into all of that, here’s an interview I did with Rick. Allow him to tell you his story and all about the magic of Andara crystals…

Here are just some of Rick's 60 traveling companions (Andara Crystals)

XD: What were you doing in the 3D world before you dropped everything with your new 5D mission?

RT: I was an architect for about 36 years. I worked for my last 20 years at a firm in Denver. We did large-scale public work: Court Houses, Airports, Labs, Convention Centers. I worked on every phase from design to construction documents to getting things built on the construction site.

XD: Do you have an awakening story? What happened?

RT: For most people, I think Awakening is a process. Even if you can point to one thing that finally triggers it, you have to be ready for that trigger to activate it. Most of us are not born awake. For me there was always an interest in spirituality, but the trigger was a gratitude practice inspired the book ‘Thank and Grow Rich” by Pam Grout.

It’s a very simple practice. Express gratitude for three things every day for thirty days. About two weeks in, something just clicked. Everything changed. I seemed to be writing things that were from a source greater than just me. I was connecting to something beyond. After that I could start to feel energies. Once I was listening to a guided meditation on YouTube by Jill Harrison from Lord Melchizedek. Suddenly I could feel an energy come through me. It was a warmth. It felt like an old friend. I listened to it a few more times and felt that energy each time. I started asking question and got answers in through waves of warmth.

You feel so familiar. Do I know you? Yes.

Are you an old friend? Yes.

Have we worked together in the past? Yes.

Will you be one of my guides now? Yes. Of course.

A couple months after that, I had a session with our mutual friend, Micheila Sheldan, who channels a variety of energies and entities. At the very beginning of the session she said, “There are a lot of people here who want to talk to you, but someone just stepped to the front of the line. It is Lord Melchizedek. He says he needs to explain the connection you two have. When he was incarnate upon the earth, you were the one who took his writings and teachings from his hand and delivered them to the people. For that he will always be grateful, and he will always be by your side.”

That was a wonderful confirmation of what I was perceiving. It was very reassuring for someone who was just starting to awaken.

The real trigger for me was the simple act of gratitude. Once you open yourself and your heart to the true beauty that surrounds you, you’ll be amazed at what comes to you.

XD: What spiritual gifts do you have?

RT: What great question.

One of them is my work I am doing with Lady Nellie Andaras. It was a task that was first assigned to me over three nights of visions, upgrades and activations. On the final night, I was told to acquire and distribute 18 Andaras to exceptional people I know around the world and so I did, and more. I seem to have the ability to sense who a certain Andara wants to go to.

The crystals are very unique and personal. They express themselves differently to each person. I have been surprised at the stories I get back from people I give them to. The Andaras adapt to the person and the person adapts to the Andara. I consider myself simply a steward of these beings. I help them along their way to the person they are meant to be with.

Another is my ability to inspire and uplift people through what I write. I haven’t done this quite as much as I used to but it is something I truly enjoy.

Now, in meditation, I can connect to Source, Gaia, Guides and others to receive guidance. My ability to receive is constantly expanding.

However, the most important gift is not really a gift. It is something all of us can do. It is just to accept what my guides tell me and follow their guidance. I trust and accept. I white light myself with the White Light from Source and Golden Light from the center of Gaia that weaves itself around me. I ask only for what is for the highest and best of all. And then I trust what I receive. My greatest gift is simply faith, trust and love, with those, all is possible.

XD: Give us an overview of Andara crystals and why they are so different from other crystals.

RT: Monatomic Andara Crystals were originally found by an Indian medicine woman in 1967. Her name was Lady Nelly. They come from land that is rich in etherium which is an ORME type of element. ORME stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element. These elements exist in more than one dimension at a time, so they are multi-dimensional in nature. They connect to each other around the planet and form their own grid. They have been placed around the planet for the last 40 years to gifted people and sacred sites. If you have an Andara, you are part of that planetary grid.

XD: Where can you find them in nature?

RT: The Andaras come from a high-energy vortex site in Northern California and the glass is also found in South Africa. I believe the only ones being distributed are from northern California. I think the ones in South Africa are on private land with a diamond mine and the Owners have no interest in the Andaras, only the diamonds.

XD: What is your mission with these crystals?

RT: At first, I was just told to distribute them to 18 people. I could buy them, but I was not allowed to sell them. I could only give them away. If I were to sell them, I was just a vendor and my connection to them would stop when the energy exchange of the money was completed. Freely given, graciously accepted – there is great magic in that combination. I did not know why I was doing this. I had received the guidance to do it and so I did. I gave them to people I felt guided to gift them to and I placed them in places I knew needed them. I was told that the reason I was doing this was to help Gaia shift from 3D to 5D. I was given an invocation to speak as they were placed that would anchor them in 3D and 5D simultaneously. The grid acts as a bridge and assists Gaia in the shift. Once the shift is made, the bridge disappears so Gaia won’t be pulled back.

They seem to have a strong connection to Lemurians. I always feel they like to work together. There is a strong connection between the two.

XD: What compelled you to find me at the Awake and Empowered Expo?

RT: Someone there told me you work with crystals. I sensed I should meet you. As soon as I met you, I knew I had an Andara with me that was seeking you.

XD: I was so honored! How many Andara crystals do you have right now, and are you continuing to find more?

RT: I believe I have about 60. I’m not being guided to give or place any at the minute. I get the feeling that part of my mission has slowed down some. I think I’m supposed to hang on to what I have for a while to help strengthen my connection to Gaia and the and the Andara Grid. That may change. I’ll see what I’m guided to do.

XD: What is the latest on your mission? Have you been making good progress?

RT: I’ve had huge shifts in my life lately. I retired. I moved across the country. I’m in Oregon now. I was told to come directly here and to remain here for three months. I didn’t really know why, I just came. I was being directed to a small town named Cottage Grove. Once again, no clue why that town, then was told my partner and I are just supposed to be there to leave an energy signature, an imprint. Something significant will happen there. I don’t know when. It may not even be in my lifetime, but the energy signature we leave behind will assist someone or something in the future. It’s an anonymous legacy of aid and assistance, love and compassion. I know this is true for many of us now. What we are doing now is not just for us. Anything we do will help those who come after us, if we do it consciously with love and awareness.

Am I making good progress? Sometimes it’s simply a matter of ‘being’ – staying in the present moment and living with love and compassion.

XD: Just "being" is an excellent mission, and not as easy to accomplish as it sounds! What's next for you (and for the crystals?)

RT: That’s really easy. I listen to my guides and have faith in what I’m being told. I couldn’t tell you exactly what’s next, but I know it will be amazing. The journey is more amazing every day. The crystals and I will be working together for quite some time in ways yet unfolding. I’ll tell you more as I know more. Watch this space…….

This is the Andara crystal that Rick gifted me.

I have to thank Rick for taking the time to answer my questions. He’s a fascinating guy on a fascinating journey. To finish the story I began above, when I activated the Andara crystal Rick had shown me at the Awake and Empowered Expo, other people with Andara crystals reported that an energy shift had occured! I’d never experienced that before.

The grid is real.

I continue to travel around the country in my camper van with one special Andara crystal in tow. It must have wanted to be in Los Angeles for a while, because I’ve definitely felt called to stick around here for longer than anywhere else I’ve visited so far.

I wonder where it will take me next?


If you’d like to reach out to Rick Talley, you can send me a message on my contact page or you can find him on Facebook.

Thanks for reading. I love you unconditionally.

Make sure you download your free copy of the Nervousness Activation and Emotion Tuning Guide and join my mailing list here!

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Xane Daniel
Xane Daniel
Mar 06, 2020

Bridget -- no, Melchizedek doesn't impact me in any way, but I first learned about that name from Spirit Science many years ago. And yes, I agree! Rick rocks. :)


is melchizideck an awakening trigger or connection in any way for you too Xane? Rick's mindset is kickass!! thanks for sharing this! <3

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