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Akashic Reading in Albuquerque

Woke up in that tiny park in the tiny town and the sun was out! Finally! It's been cloudy and rainy for so long...

I had a call at noon with a marketing company to see if they could help me reach more people. My goal is to heal as many people as I can and be a catalyst for awakening with my comic book, RIGHTEOUS. But I've been doing my marketing myself -- sorta. Promoting myself is NOT my passion. So I do the bare minimum. Sometimes. Most of the time I'd rather be meeting people, working on my comic book series, spending time with my pup, Whisper, exploring the continent, or meditating. Those are my real passions! So maybe somebody else can help me reach more people...

While waiting for the call I decided to see if I'd rather go to Albuquerque or Santa Fe. To do this, I looked up Meetup Groups in both cities and compared them. There was an event tonight in Albuquerque that caught my attention. "Donna Carol reads the AKASH."

For those unfamiliar, the Akashic records are like a library of information about your past incarnations. This seemed super interesting! The last time I'd worked with someone like this was Micheila Sheldan and another lightworker who was in training at the time.

So that did it! Decision made. I'll go to Albuquerque. Bugs Bunny made it famous, but Breaking Bad really put it on the map. Besides, I'd never been there. So let's go!

Oh, wait! The Marketing call.

It went well -- except his firm focused on Business to Business sales/marketing, and I'm business to client. So he gave me some good information on what I need to do to find a company that can do what I specifically need.

As soon as the call was over I got back on the road TO ALBUQUERQUE!

This sums up what I envision when I think of New Mexico

I arrived in Albuquerque in the mid afternoon and decided to take a nap before the 6:30pm session. It took place at a storefront called Resonant Essentials, and I hit it off with the owner, Michelle, right away. She wanted to help me put on an event there, and she has a psychic/healer fair on Sunday, which she has invited me to attend as a mental/emotional healer.

At the Akashing reading event, Donna Carol went around the room (there were a total of 5 attendees) and gave readings for each person individually. Mine was so inline with what Micheila Sheldan had previously told me, it was uncanny.

  • She said that my Hathor aspect is just one of many, because I'm multidimensional and not from Earth, but specifically said that I was incarnated on Earth as a Hathor who had a hybrid bird/body figure, resembling Thoth (who had the head of an ibis.)

  • She said I was this incarnation for 250 years and that I received information from off-planet Hathors (Micheila specifically said it was Ethann Fox in her reading) and this information came as little balls of light -- which is something I reference all the time when working with people -- even though I didn't understand why.

  • I spent time as an Andromedan ship captain and that I was an expert at star navigation. (This was also explained by Micheila)

  • I am on a council of light overseeing the dealings with Earth. And that I was specifically on this council to help make sense of strange human characteristics, including emotions! (which seems to be more and more what I'm focused on in my practice.)

  • As a member of this council, I'm helping humans and I'm also helping other extradimensionals understand humans better. Which totally resonates. (Also, a different reader talked about my membership in this council.)

  • I've had millions of years of incarnations on many different worlds. She said I'm definitely highly intergalactic and interdimensional. 

  • She also said I had incarnations as a Pleaidian -- which I'd also heard through Micheila, and is commonly heard as a gateway to incarnate on Earth if you are from outside of Earth. 

Thoth - The ancient Egyptian God

All in all an incredible confirmation! Way too specific and detailed to ignore. Thanks, Donna Carol!

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