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A Visit to Prince Edward Island

Thanks to some wonderful connections I made at the Awake and Empowered Expo, I was invited to Prince Edward Island to give a talk to a group of high-vibrational beings. Since I'd never been to that part of Canada, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to see a new part of the world!

It reminded me of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but with the added beauty of an ocean view. A very surreal combination for me since I grew up visiting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan every year.

During the event, which featured around 14 participants, we had some wonderful moments as people shared their experiences and contributed their beautiful essences to the group vibration.

To begin, I gave the group a Burden Release Activation -- which is something new I've been doing recently. It identifies an emotional experience from the past or a commonly-occuring negative emotion that is caught in the body in a physical way. Participants focus on the physiological feeling associated with the past event or emotion and the activation allows that burden to be evaporated or ejected from the body.

Then I discussed suffering -- why we have it, and how it is just as important for us to experience as the positive emotions. We also discussed Unconditional Love, the Terrestrial emotions, and why we're here, living this incarnate experience on Earth. We finished up with a group Soul Essence Activation.

A big thank you to my incredible hosts and their adorable children!

Heading back to the U.S. now to resume my road journey...

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