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A Thankful Thanksgiving

I am thankful I was able to volunteer at St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix today. Preparing 4500 meals a day for the homeless, disabled, low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged is an incredible feat, and I would have had no idea how hard these amazing people are working had I not seen it first-hand.

I was also incredibly impressed at the volunteer turnout. So many people decided to give their mornings before sitting around a table and feasting with their families. It was quite beautiful.

After spending the morning helping out and meeting great, happy people, I sought my own Thanksgiving dinner and found it at a restaurant not far from the food bank. My turkey-less turkey dinner was excellent. I'm not 100% vegan (yet), but I definitely avoid the meat whenever possible. 46 million turkeys are created and destroyed for Thanksgiving each year. I'd prefer not to participate in that. (Which still pales in comparison to the 200 million animals that are created and destroyed every day to feed the unnecessarily omnivorous human race!) So there's just no reason to participate in the tradition just for the sake of tradition. Besides, the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and various cassaroles are quite filling and delicious without the addition of meat!!

After a nice afternoon nap -- you'd think I'd had turkey -- I visited my friend Doug from college at his home in Surprise, AZ. We had a pleasant of evening of catching up after more than 10 years of not seeing one another and we even played a board game... Something we used to do all the time "back in the day."

He just looks mad here because he was losing...

By the way, we both believe the city of Surprise, AZ should have an exclamation point at the end of it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy Black Friday! :P

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