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A Synchronicity that Just Won't Quit

I made a house call today to Topher Williamson. It was a warm visit to his stunning condo in Phoenix -- and I have to say he really has a knack for interior decoration!

Topher had some deep-seeded doubts that had been causing him to default to a service-for-others mentality with little regard for himself. It stems from his upbringing (doesn't it always?) and we spent the majority of our time isolating the defining moment that seemed to cause the majority of his self-doubt. It was a comment from his mother about his physical appearance. He had carried with him his entire life that he believed he was unattractive, but as you can see in this photo, he's far from it! (Sorry for the blurriness. I didn't realize it was blurry until after I left.)

For this, I did a verbal exercise that minimizes the weight of the detrimental situation or painful comment from their past. I do this exercise coupled with an activation that solidifies the truth -- that the person who wronged you was suffering in their own way, and it's no indictment of you. It can be a powerful moment, and this one was no different. I received intense energetic feedback that we were doing something structural, and Topher was definitely moved.

As always, we convinced his subconscious that he is worthy of loving himself unconditionally (among other things), and he was amazed that it actually worked. Prior to that, he said that the statement felt completely flat. We parted ways after our session, and we discussed a follow up session after he'd learned more about what his spiritual gifts might be.

It was important to make way for the possibility by first removing some of his life-long doubts and burdens. By solving those root problems, he is finally cleared for unencumbered spiritual growth!

A Synchronicity that Just Won't Quit

Unfortunately, two of my calls today were cancelled, but that doesn't discourage me one bit! It actually gives me a chance to fill you in on my excitement over one of them.

Rescheduled for tomorrow, I get the opportunity to have a video chat with my new friend, Lauren Henry. She's a dancer, actress, and producer in Los Angeles who I "accidentally" discovered on Facebook.

The talented Lauren Henry

Thanks to Facebook's recommended friends listings, I was browsing those recommendations, looking for people who lived in the areas I'm going to be visiting soon -- Particularly San Diego and Los Angeles. Having local help to get my workshops set up is critical! So when Lauren's profile said she was a resident of Los Angeles and she was already friends with Ethann Fox and Micheila Sheldan, it was a no-brainer to send her a friend request.

To my surprise, she revealed to me that she already knew who I was because she watched one of my YouTube videos. As we text chatted further, it became clear that she was experiencing some success in the TV Show world. She'd been an actress in episodic television, pilots, commercials, and most recently an Indie Film that shot in Italy, Paradise Valley, which hasn't been released yet.

Meanwhile, she has been doing work as a producer, shopping around a TV Show that she created. She has a deep love for conscious entertainment, so when I asked her if she would be willing to read my comic book, RIGHTEOUS, she jumped at the chance, revealing that she already knew about it but hadn't downloaded it yet.

Despite her busy lifestyle, she has taken the time to read through it, and has been gushing about how much she loves RIGHTEOUS. I'm not exactly sure where this will all lead, but she and I are both very excited about having our first call tomorrow.

RIGHTEOUS is a comic book series that I write and publish about a mass awakening. My team of artists is scattered all over the world (Spain, Peru, U.S., Phillippines) and they each have over 10 years experience in the comic book industry. It was imperative that I created the highest quality product that I could, because I was so pleased with the concept! I didn't want it to suffer from poor production values.

The ultimate goal is to see this creation made into a TV show or movie. That is one of my biggest goals as I move forward in my new world of lightwork, travel, and publishing. And you never know! This might be a big first step in that direction.

And why do I want to turn RIGHTEOUS into live-action entertainment? Because a huge percentage of the population consumes content in this way. And I've already learned that people who read RIGHTEOUS often have an awakening experience themselves, just like the characters in the story do! So how better to catalyze a mass-market awakening then provide entertainment that they all consume?

I also imbue the comic with my Soul Essence Activation, so anyone who reads it receives a full activation from me. This is the other reason why people seem to be so catalyzed by the book. I will be doing this for the TV show or Movie as well!

Thanks for reading, and if you'd like to download your own copy of RIGHTEOUS, please do so here!

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