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A Significant Hathor Presence

Today was the Ethann Fox / Micheila Sheldan all day workshop, starting at 9am with Ethann's 3D to 5D transition discussion. I really appreciate his talks on this topic. As a follower of technology all of my life (my grandfather taught me how to program a computer at age 9,) it's always been an interest of mine. Ethann discussed AI, crytpocurrency, our economic paradigm, income taxes, the sharing economy, and he ended it with hints and ideas to help people discover their purpose.

The lunch break was long, so I got a great opportunity to speak to more wonderful folks who had traveled from all over to come to this event. More people from Phoenix and Tuscon, and even someone from Dallas and someone else from San Diego! I'm excited to treat all of these nice folks to group talks and activations as I come through their areas.

This would mark the longest time I'd left Whisper alone in the van since this trip began. So throughout Ethann's talk, I kept asking my guides if she was resting peacefully or if she was panicking or even needed to be let out to potty. I kept getting the answer, "She's fine." -- Until Micheila's afternoon session began. About 30 minutes in, I asked them again, and the answer was, "She needs your attention."

As soon as I stepped outside, I could hear her barking from across the vast parking area. Crap.

Ultimately she was fine, but she did need to potty. So we took care of that, and since I'd spent so little time with her that day, I decided to give her some quality Xane time.

While walking through the parking lot with Whisper, I came across this stunning tropical plant. I like how its 12' tall flower matched the wispy clouds!

As I returned to Micheila's session, I'd essentially missed the majority of it. Nonetheless, I got to participate in more social time before the last session -- which was a tandem Q&A plus a tandem group activation.

Here's where it got interesting for me!

Ethann was giving one of his vibration-raising Energy Transfers, and Micheila was just asking for whatever activations her guides wanted to offer the audience. So that's what I did! Even though I was a member of the audience, I asked my guides to participate in this group activation and I felt the energy as I made the request. This is one of the few times I did not use the magic word -- AWAKEN. I also asked the Ancients to remove any negative entity attachments, and I received word that they had removed many -- but not all. Some people would have needed to give permission.

After it was over, Micheila announced that she felt a huge Hathor presence -- that they had filled the room, attending to every single participant. She looked at me as she said it and commented that she doesn't usually get significant Hathor participation and wondered if it was because of my connection to them.

I smiled and admitted that I had contributed as well. How cool to get that confirmation...

Here's Lynsie from San Diego! One of many bright light beings who attended the workshop.

My friend from the 2019 expo, Stephanie, came up to me afterward saying that she had heard a new, deep voice during the activation. She wondered if it was the Hathors. I assumed so, but I didn't receive confirmation until just now. :)

All in all, people seemed to appreciate the added activation. I know I enjoyed offering it!

I noticed that this wonderful being was wearing almost the same shirt I was, so I introduced myself to Heather. She had come all the way from Ottawa, Canada for her first chance to meet Ethann and Micheila!

I've decided to stick around in Sedona for at least another day. My new friend Zack Martin has invited me to a Unity Church service tomorrow at 10am and then I'm invited to one last Ethann/Micheila gathering for Sunday evening dinner. Looking forward to both!

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Xane Daniel
Xane Daniel

Yes! It was a pleasure to help you out, Sheldon! <3


Zane it was fun meeting you in person at Ethann and Micheila's event. I had only seen you online. You helped me remove an attachment that I am grateful for.

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