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A Quick Trip to Uruguay

The headline is a lie. Sorta.

This has been a very busy week with private sessions, thanks to my appearance on Soul Talk with Patty Malek and my appearance on Robin Nicole's live Facebook broadcast. I really enjoy these times. I get to meet all of these wonderful new people who find themselves on the path to enlightenment -- all at different stages!

Right now, I'm in the Los Angeles area. Currently in a town called Van Nuys. Pronounced, "Van Nies" -- Rhymes with "Man Ties." I have found this area to be particularly conducive to the ease of living out of my camper van. It's easy to find a quiet place to park overnight in near silence (which isn't easy to find in Los Angeles) and there are plenty of conveniences like grocery stores, laundry services, and restaurants in large parking areas so it's easy to get in and out in my less maneuverable vehicle -- but yet I'm still close to downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and the like -- which is important. That's where my friend groups seem to live or spend most of their time.

I had two sessions this morning. One of my new clients was calling from New York, but I wasn't sure about the other one. When I connected via Zoom video chat with Gladys (I have her permission to discuss today's session) at 11am PST, I did what I often do. I asked where she was located.

"Van Nuys."

Holy crap! What are the chances? This would mark the first time I've ever had a video chat scheduled with someone who was in the exact same town I was in! We started to do the session via video chat, and she just stopped and said, "Do you want to come over and do the session at my house?"

I didn't hesitate! Yes! It's a lot of fun to do these sessions in person, and I'm always up for meeting new people.

So a short 10 minute drive later, I was pulling into Gladys' driveway. I brought my whippet, Whisper, with me, and we proceeded to her quaint little back-house apartment behind a main house that was rented to someone else. There was actually a large shipping container in that back yard as well, and Gladys had set it up to be a meditation space. Since it was a warm enough day (but not too warm) we settled inside and began the session.

Gladys has been suffering from an empowered awakening. While that may seem like a oxymoron, let me explain. Thanks to her increased consciousness, she was now acutely of the manipulation tactics that were being imposed on her and her coworkers. And thanks to her blossoming empowerment, she had been speaking up and taking a stand.

While we can all be proud of her for not taking any crap from her employers, she was suddenly feeling some deep survival fears as a result of standing up "too much." She's concerned that she'll be fired on Monday for the actions she took on Friday. Of course, when we lose something, it's often replaced by something better. Gladys knew this, but that didn't stop her from suffering. The fear was real.

So we did a Fear Relief Activation, and she felt better immediately.

Next we isolated an abuser from her childhood. Her father wouldn't even allow her or her siblings to look at him without some sort of abusive repercussion. It's amazing what kind of abuse we can receive on this planet -- especially from the ones who are supposed to love us the most!

We did a forgiveness exercise and activation, where she received an apology from her father and she was able to finally forgive him for what he had done to her and her life. This powerful experience almost always leads to tears, and this time was no different.

After our session was complete, Gladys invited me into her apartment to share a home-cooked authentic meal with me. Authentic to what, you ask? She and her family were from Uruguay. While Gladys had lived in the U.S. for a long time, she still cooked some amazing Uruguayan food.

The dish consisted of black beans and sweet potatoes. It was delicious! Black beans have a distinct flavor, but with her spices, it hardly tasted like black beans at all. I was impressed and grateful. (I wish I would have taken a picture of it because I can't find anything like it online. Truly a unique dish!)

I was also introduced to Gladys' mom, Simona. She didn't know any English at all, but when she found out what Gladys had experienced, she wanted to participate as well! So we did a session for Simona, too.

Simona, me, and Gladys. Photo-bomb by William (brother of Gladys) who arrived just as I was leaving.

I give a lot of instructions and guidance for my activations and meditations, so Gladys was busy doing a lot of translating! We focused on two major areas for Simona. She suffered from frequent fear and worry, and also pain in her bones. We did a statement activation for the statement, "I know everything will always work out exactly as its supposed to." This convinces the subconscious mind and the heart that the statement is true, which can relieve a lot of worry and anxiety. Simona felt it immediately, stating that a sharp pain in the center of her chest was suddenly relieved! I used a focused physical pain activation to help her with her chronic bone pain, and we recorded it so she could use it again if she needed to.

It was such a unique pleasure to experience a little slice of Uruguay right here in Van Nuys, California! My hosts even cooked some fresh chicken for Whisper and were charmingly accommodating all afternoon. As I was leaving, I was handed a brown paper bag of fresh lemons and tangerines from two trees in their yard. Wow! Needless to say, I made new friends today.

Friends I will never forget.

Thank you for reading! If you haven't downloaded my free Activation MP3 file offering and signed up for my mailing list, I encourage you to do so, here:

I love you unconditionally.

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